Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko User Reviews



The good:

Nice Graphics! ^.^


One of my favorite games! Gex the lizard, although he may not know just about a lizard's abilitys, this one can do a lot! Gex the Lizard will take you on a wonderous adventure of your life, a must-get game! It is defanatly worth getting, and nerve-racking too! So if your in the mood for fighting evil and exploring the world, this is the perfest game for you! ...


This is one of my all time favorite PSX games!

The good:

Great gameplay, great levels and graphics, entertaining comments from Gex, easy control of Gex, free roaming levels... Different disguises giving you different powers.

The bad:

I can't think of any other than some people find Gex's smart aleck comments annoying.


This is a great PSX game. I love the way they incorporate all kinds of movies and TV shows, from the levels to Gex's comments. The game refers to shows such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Hellraiser.

One of my favorite sayings is from the anime level, where Gex is in a robot suit, and he says "What if I have to go potty!??"

This game is worth the money. I also love to replay it. The different costumes you play in and the special powers you get are a lot of fun. Gex/ Dracula can glide, the Anime Gex can jet around, Sherlock Gex has a magnifying glass that lets you pl...


Gex 3 (Demo Review)


Following its predecessors, Gex 3 mocks just about everything in existence. You are in a two story house trying to find the same old items. The graphics have been updated from the previous version, and are quite well done, especially for a demo. First playing the game can be a bit confusing, but it is easy to learn in no time, and the only real bug is the camera controls, which has plagued 90% of 3-D games and has almost become and expectable glitch. If you have played the other two versions of the game, you know just how fun controlling a gecko can be, this game is no exception to that rul...

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