Gex: Enter the Gecko (PC) Cheats

Gex: Enter the Gecko cheats, and Codes for PC.


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Level Codes
SVZFKHGP: cemetery 1.
BXRFYHGP: cemetery 2.
KXVKRHKP: jungle isle 1.
SVKLPHKP: jungle isle 2.
CVBLPHKP: jungle isle 3.
ZVTCYHGP: new toonland 1.
CVHCSHKP: new toonland 2.
RVTCSHGP: new toonland 3.
CVBLPHKP: new toonland 4.
YTCHPHKP: kung fuville 1.
ZTDHPHKP: kung fuville 2.
DXVGRHKP: kung fuville 3.
GYVYRHKP: rezopolis 1