: : : : : GetRide AM Driver: The Birth of a Lightning Hero (Import)

[edit] Background

It is the Earth of the future... Humans have been under the attack of mysterious weapons known as "Bugcine" which appeared a few years ago. Faced with the Bugcine, the weapons that humans possessed could not stand a chance and so, Earth became afraid of these enemy whose goals were unknown.
It was then that their saviors, warriors known as "AM Drivers" were born from the latest engineering technology. Boasting overwhelming power, the AM Drivers destroyed the Bugcine one after the other. The world suddenly had heroes. They had now found hope which will take away their fears as the people elect their best AM Drivers...

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  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: Konami
  • Genre: Turn-based (GBA)
Release Dates
  • Japan: Jul 23, 2004