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The Getaway review
Can You Getaway?

The good:

The storyline is very detailed and missions are straight forward. Real cars! Just like a movie. Great scripts and a little more difficult missions but having this makes the game have a little more replay value. Most of London has been recreated here so if you're familiar with London or have never been there then this will be an exciting experience for you.

The bad:

The controls take a while to get used to and are very sensitive. The cars take too much damage too quickly. There is no map but the creators wanted this game more life-like. Over-use of the "F-word" in a British ascent.


Is this like Grand Theft Auto? In many ways it is but in a lot of ways it isn't. This is like Max Payne's shooting abilities mixed with the ideas of the GTA series. This game is more serious and less cartoon-like than the humorous ideas you may be used to from GTA. You can steal any car off the street but you better watch out because there are gangs in this game and you will have missions where you have to interact with them and they may not be so happy to see you on their turf. If you're a GTA fanatic then you may not be exactly thrilled with this game at first but it is a definite PS2 title you won't want to let pass you by.

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