[edit] Background

George Foreman is back in boxing, on video game consoles anyway. He wants one last shot at the Heavyweight title and the only way he can do it is with your help. There are 15 other boxers in your way though and you'll have to be in tip top condition to make it past all of them. If you can do that then you'll get the desired shot at the Heavyweight title. Help George Foreman reclaim his former glory with this game.

[edit] Gameplay

The game is played from a third person perspective. You can only use your fists as per real boxing. There are different punches such as hooks and uppercuts that do differeng amounts of damage. Your health is represented by a face of your boxer, the more damage you take the worse condition his face will be in.

[edit] Features

  • Play as the talented George Foreman
  • 15 other boxers are between you and victory
  • Use all sorts of punches on your opponents
  • Boxing action for one player

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Nov 3, 1993 (SNES)
    • September 1992 (GBC)
    • Mar 8, 1992 (NES)
    • Feb 7, 1992 (GENESIS)
    • Q3 1992 (SEGAMS)
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