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Laser Gunship + Shape Enemies = Amazing Game


Those of you following my reviews may recall that when I played Geometry Wars on the Xbox 360 I was impressed but felt that it lacked depth. Apparently someone at Kuju Entertainment had a similar thought, but now we find ourselves with a new entry in the series that aims to deliver this much needed depth, and so we have all the blasting fun we need on the go (no, not that Go).

For those that missed my previous review he's a quick overview of the gameplay at its core. You control one little ship on a mission to destroy many hostile shapes that come your way. It is essentially one of those hig...


Waves of Rainbow Beauty


Geometry Wars: Galaxies, a game I found pre-owned at a very, very cheap price. Pocket money, to be exact, so how could I say no? A Sierra game, this title sees the good old arcade style of gaming make an appearance in more modern times on the Nintendo Wii. The two questions my lips were: Will this title pay homage to the arcade games? And can it work effectively with the Wii controls?

Welcome to the galaxy of several solar systems, all of which you plan to rid of endless waves of enemies. It’s just you in your ship, accompanied by your faithful drone companion, against a horde of enemies. Th...


Neon Shape Invasion


Honestly, I'd love to get the names of people who did not play Geometry Wars on the 360 if they got it at release date. Geometry Wars (as well as Dead Rising) were the only games that people played on the 360 back when it was first released. If you weren't playing this game (or Dead Rising), you didn't get the full experience of the 360 then. I mean, nowadays, you have games such as Dead Space, Resident Evil 4, The Last Remnant, Gears Of War, Halo 3, etc, but then, you had stuff like Perfect Dark: Zero (which I have a soft spot for, but isn't as good as the one on the N64) or Kameo (oh dear...

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