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Gears of War - Almost Perfect Gore

The good:

Gears of War or GOW is an amazingly entertaining and addictive game for the XBOX360. The storyline is great, a sci-fi/war plot, and with that there comes plenty of action. The graphics are top notch and the third person perspective/view makes for some intense action. Weapon choice is similar to Halo, not too many different things to add to your arsenal, but more than enough diverse ones to fit any given situation. Of course, XBL [XBOX Live] for this is incredible. The multiplayer death matches are ingenious to this title, and never get boring. And the audio isn't fuzzy, so no more turning up the volume just to hear the voices.

The bad:

All that good, how can there be any bad? Well there are two things that ruin this game, or just make it boring if you get involved with either. Hackers/Glitchers... really gets old trying to shoot someone who glitches and does the "back flip/hover" glitch to get to a really high spot. Then a sniper is all you need to finish a round. And of course both of those things are found in almost every online/XBL game, and even though it gets annoying the game is still amazing.


Overall GOW gets a solid 4.5 on Neo and in my opinion. It's a great game that you should really check out, unless you are a bit squeamish when there are mass loads of gore and body chunks flying around. I have never really been bothered by glitchers since most are extremely hard to pull off when there is a shot gun breathing down your throat. I guess it all depends on how you plan on playing.

Some things that are really annoying though -

Laggers - Whether it be on purpose or just a bad connection they are extremely annoying. I boot them out of my matches because it isn't fair to miss getting sniped all the time because your "connection" is bad, or you are doing it on purpose to win unfairly.

And the most annoying thing ever - Lancer squads. One on one against a Lancer you can easily win. Since they aren't the best guns in the game they are fairly underused. However, when there are two or more [ideally three] in a squad of Lancers it gets rather annoying because they can down you really fast and continue to do that until you just die. Or even worse is when a snotty player downs you a couple times with his Lancer and his buddies, then leaves and waits for some random player to come along and kill you off.

Now less about the gameplay itself and more about the game and it's story. You start off as a guy named Markus [with a kick ass attitude] inside of a Locust Prison. You gather up some members of your "squad" like Dom, and begin actually fighting to destroy the Locust army. You play through chapters of the main story that'll have you on the edge of your seats. The game itself is more diverse than just a 3rd person shooter, there will be times when you'll need to use commands to group your squad and give them orders for battle. You also have opportunities to use turrets and other large weaponry throughout the game. And of course you can't forget the part where you must drive the vehicle with the spot light on the roof, through the ravaged city while trying to keep the Krill from devouring you and your partners.

Like I mentioned before somewhere in this long review, this game has great graphics. Some of the best I have ever seen on any console. What really amazes me is the fact that there is no lag or glitching when you complete rapid 360 degree spins. The game kind of blurs the environment out so it gives you a more realistic feel of spinning in circles.

Last but not least is the impressive audio of GOW. The sound isn't something I pay much attention too as long as the game is good, but now I might start to think about that again. GOW has absolutely no fuzzy sounds or laggin voices even under heavy stress in the game [facing hordes of Locust and spinning in those famous circles]. It really helps when trying to actually listen to the story not to hear that kshhhhhhh sound in the background [because let's face it, the 360 makes enough noise as it is while running].

In conclusion, this game takes Microsoft's Favorite console to a whole new level of gameplay and expectation. Shooters will never really be the same on the 360 if Microsoft and their affiliates can continue to produce spectacular games like Gears of War in the future. Looking forward to a GOW2... PAYCE ~

Graphics - 5/5 Amazing and not glitchy, PS3 ain't got anything on this.

Sound - 4.5/5 Clear, crisp and perfect for poppin' some heads.

gameplay - 4.5/5 Good story and multiplayer is phenomenal.

Overall - 4.5/5 great game and really worth that 50 or so dollars to pick up.

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