Gears of War review
GOW Sets The Standards.

The good:

Absolutely gorgeous graphics, very lively, detailed environments that capture the destructive beauty of Gears of War, multiplayer fun that keeps you awake and your heart racing for that sweet action, weapons are very creative, not a hero game; you get support from three other guys or just one at certain duet moments, easy interface with the environments, gory but still friendly enough with a majority of people, futuristic look and feel, the game challenges you as you raise the difficulty level/experience level, General RAAM and Berserker are actual ENEMIES and not just pansies, rewards for many different things in the game.

The bad:

Storyline is a bit chopped up. How come you can't be a woman? That should be included! A.I. sometimes screws up a little too bad, especially making obvious mistakes that make no sense at all. Otherwise the game is extensively great.


Ahhh... Gears of War. The first game I ever bought along with a brand new premium X360. I blame my cousin for getting me hooked, especially when he invited me to play as a guest on GOW [sorry to anyone who lost their match because I sucked].

The graphics on GOW are absolutely stunningly gorgeous, no questions asked. Sometimes the mesh layer pops up when the system doesn't load things fast enough, but other than that, everything looks real.

The gameplay is simplified and addresses one problem with a lot of first-person shooters: cover. On GOW, you only have to press one button and you're protected. Then if you stay in cover, just by moving the left control stick, there's a variety of ways to move around, staying in cover or rolling out.

GOW also has a nice array of various weapons you can use to grind your way through the game. The best part I would say, is using the Lancer with a chainsaw attached to slice your enemies in to pieces. Or you could use the torquebow to blow an enemy apart. It's your choice, and you can carry two main weapons, a pistol, and grenades.

The problems of GOW? The storyline is a bit choppy and not so full, but any player could instantly catch up with it.

Even though the A.I. is very well done, sometimes, you just want to punch dumbass-Dom for running in front of troikas, or other friendlies walking right up to the enemy and getting beat down.

But overall, Gears of War is definitely a keeper and something you should buy. I'd say that anyone who is interested into shooters or alien-like games would probably love playing this because I know I sure do and many, many other folks do too.

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