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Gears of War


The increasingly big developer Epic has finally brought us this piece of pure 3rd Person Shooter heaven to the Xbox 360 entitled Gears of War.

The amazing complicated game yet amazingly simple controls really shine through for the experience of the game, since it branches off what your doing, take blind fire for example, shooting a enemy with much of your body hidden, sounds a bit hard, but can be accomplished easily, by tapping A to stand next to a Wall, shuffling to the side of the wall a pressing the shoot button, simple indeed.

The Weapons in this game aren't like many shooters, it's not full of an arsenal spread over the game, like Call of Duty for example, but Gears of Wars' weapons are simple yet used to great affect, like sniper, their may only be one, but it can lead to a very nice, yet gory headshot. Now as soon as you see Gears of War, you'll probably think "Chainsaw Bayonet? Great!" but it's not as simple as just running up to an enemy, revving your saw and cutting strait through one, if you get shot, you will have no choice but to lower it, even though this makes many people frustrated, I believe it's a great logic, I mean the game would get boring if you could just saw anyone.

Now A.I, well you play against a Dino-type creature called Locust meaning 'Infestation', these creatures have risen up through Emergence Holes, and are really set around the difficulty you choose at the beginning of the game, if you choose casual, their tactics are very much like running at the enemy hoping to kill you, which can be easily controlled and finished of with a quick saw or some shells from the shotgun. On Hardcore, they don't run at you as much, but they hide more, which can get a bit annoying as they are harder to shoot, but it makes the game much harder and takes more time. On insane its much like Casual, they run at you a lot, but hiding a lot on the way, and seeing as they can finish you off with a quick beat down of the shotgun, it makes the game quite tricky.

Co-op I think is extremely over rated in this game like in many others, this may be my own opinion, but I notice there is no change in the difficulty when playing with someone, which I believe is wrong, the game should be harder if you have 2 people playing its basic logic, and levels for a good gaming experience.

The story isn't as good as you think as you think. It's very cliché which looses some of the feel of Gears of War, 'Unstoppable enemies come up from the ground, humans get backed into a corner, humans make their last stand.' so as I said it's very, very cliché. Plus the dialogue is incredibly cheesy, like it's from a bad War movies or something, you hear lines such as "Now I'm pissed" and "How much can they take?" which sort of blends in with the game, but is sometimes off putting.

Online mode in amazing, one of the top high lights of the game, you'll hear a lot of people complain about how many people can play, but in the end, it's really based around that with the weapon set ups and the map sizes, I mean, I couldn't see about 16 inside a small map with only a few weapons, I just really don't see why people complain.

All in all, Gears of War is an excellent game and a definite buy for the 360 if you have one. Bring on Gears of War 2.

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