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gears of war

The good:

graphics, game play, music, atmosphere, very fun and intense action.

The bad:

sometimes crashes, have to make a live account(annoying),video shudders at check points.


Gears of War is one of the best shooters I have ever played. The graphics are awesome and well optimized. I can play it at 1280x800 with everything on high but shadows and no AA with a geforce 9500m gs.

Gears is something new. The cover system is good where it's more realistic than most shooters which you run around shooting the bad guys. This game forces you to take cover behind walls or barriers and shoot around corners. Not just run around in the open shooting people. When multiple locusts are all firing at you it's really intense.

The music is great because it goes perfectly with the game...


Gears of War review

The good:

1. great graphics
2. good controls
3. many enemies
4. amazing AI
5. good downloadable content
6. gore

The bad:

1. the game has 2 colors, black and black
2. minor problems with controls
3. crappy story
4. few weapons
5. 360 gamers will miss out on 4 hours of the campaign
6. gore


Price: $40-$45

Suggestion: Pass-Buy

Genre: Third Person Shooter

Notice: Gears of War for the PC has extra campaign game-play that is not available in Gears of War for the 360. The only reason I said that you might want to pass on this is for its gore. Don't be deterred, Gears of War is sweet.

Today's games are no strangers to violence. GTA, for the longest time, has been the game series that gets squeamish politicians up in arms about violent video games destroying childhoods and increasing violent behavior. It's not surprising when the game series gives you the option of beating someone over t...


Gears of War

The good:

  • Realistic graphics which push the 360 all the way.
  • The cover system is outstanding and very simple to get to grips with.
  • Voice acting is decent along with some nice sound effects.
  • Interesting revival techniques
  • Fun Online play with little lag

    The bad:

  • The third person view (over the shoulder) may not suit all gamers.
  • The story is quite short.
  • Only 8 people can be in online matches meaning it may not be as intense.
  • Tactical thinking is required which again may put off some players.
  • Not many weapons to choose from.


    When Gears of War hit the scene in November 2006, it took the gaming world by storm. Its innovative cover system won many fans around the globe and it quickly nailed itself down as a Xbox 360 classic. Though the market is dominated by Shoot 'em ups, Gears of War bought something new to the table. The intense fights you find yourself in while playing in the campaign bring a smile to your face and Epic Games have certainly struck gold with this little number.

    When you load up Gears of War, you instantly think to yourself it's going to be just another gory shooter with a mediocre storyline and ...

  • 9.8

    Gears of War: Epic Wins

    The good:

    The Graphics are incredible. Only surpassed by the Likes of COD4 and Bioshock.

    Game play is immensely fun and addictive. I am on my 3rd straight play through.

    Co-op is intense, and fun and is just plain awesome.

    The game has a freaking Chainsaw Bayonet, what else you want!?

    The bad:

    Very little.

    Sometimes the characters refuse to take cover and all you do is Jump forward into cover. This can lead to horrible deaths, bouts of cussing and general anger. Though these are few and extremely far between.

    Sometimes your Teammates make Brash decisions, like running into an Exploding arrow, or charging a turret.

    lastly, if you are not an experienced gamer, the controls can feel, awkward for a time


    Gears of War has to be one of the Best games in Existence. it gives you visuals never surpassed until three years later, by titles like Call of Duty 4 and Bioshock. It has one of the simplest and most useful cover systems in gaming. Using only one button, which simplifies things greatly.

    The sound design is full, rich, and riveting. you will be hard pressed to find a aural experience so tantalizing as this. From grunts, groans and screams of Locust and Gears alike, it is all there. All full of detail, and tone and Definition. Nowhere is this more evident than in the enemies known as "wretc...


    Gears of War - Almost Perfect Gore

    The good:

    Gears of War or GOW is an amazingly entertaining and addictive game for the XBOX360. The storyline is great, a sci-fi/war plot, and with that there comes plenty of action. The graphics are top notch and the third person perspective/view makes for some intense action. Weapon choice is similar to Halo, not too many different things to add to your arsenal, but more than enough diverse ones to fit any given situation. Of course, XBL [XBOX Live] for this is incredible. The multiplayer death matches are ingenious to this title, and never get boring. And the audio isn't fuzzy, so no more turning up the volume just to hear the voices.

    The bad:

    All that good, how can there be any bad? Well there are two things that ruin this game, or just make it boring if you get involved with either. Hackers/Glitchers... really gets old trying to shoot someone who glitches and does the "back flip/hover" glitch to get to a really high spot. Then a sniper is all you need to finish a round. And of course both of those things are found in almost every online/XBL game, and even though it gets annoying the game is still amazing.


    Overall GOW gets a solid 4.5 on Neo and in my opinion. It's a great game that you should really check out, unless you are a bit squeamish when there are mass loads of gore and body chunks flying around. I have never really been bothered by glitchers since most are extremely hard to pull off when there is a shot gun breathing down your throat. I guess it all depends on how you plan on playing.

    Some things that are really annoying though -

    Laggers - Whether it be on purpose or just a bad connection they are extremely annoying. I boot them out of my matches because it isn't fair to miss getting ...


    GOW Sets The Standards.

    The good:

    Absolutely gorgeous graphics, very lively, detailed environments that capture the destructive beauty of Gears of War, multiplayer fun that keeps you awake and your heart racing for that sweet action, weapons are very creative, not a hero game; you get support from three other guys or just one at certain duet moments, easy interface with the environments, gory but still friendly enough with a majority of people, futuristic look and feel, the game challenges you as you raise the difficulty level/experience level, General RAAM and Berserker are actual ENEMIES and not just pansies, rewards for many different things in the game.

    The bad:

    Storyline is a bit chopped up. How come you can't be a woman? That should be included! A.I. sometimes screws up a little too bad, especially making obvious mistakes that make no sense at all. Otherwise the game is extensively great.


    Ahhh... Gears of War. The first game I ever bought along with a brand new premium X360. I blame my cousin for getting me hooked, especially when he invited me to play as a guest on GOW [sorry to anyone who lost their match because I sucked].

    The graphics on GOW are absolutely stunningly gorgeous, no questions asked. Sometimes the mesh layer pops up when the system doesn't load things fast enough, but other than that, everything looks real.

    The gameplay is simplified and addresses one problem with a lot of first-person shooters: cover. On GOW, you only have to press one button and you're prote...

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