Gears of War Tips

Chainsaw Tip
Now the chainsaw is a good and a bad thing. The pros of the thing are a one hit kill, has what seems like an 8 foot wing span that can grab people around corners and even when they dive away from you, and of course the bloodiest way to kill somebody. The cons are that in online play the chainsaw takes waaayyy to long to kill somebody if he has teammates around him. Since you can't die while chainsawing somebody, they just wait with a shotgun next to you and blow you into pieces after you are done. Or they chainsaw you right back. So the chainsaw is a perfect weapon for flanking and catching people by surprise.
All that said, you can still win a battle verse a shotgun up close. What you don't want to do is just run in a hold down b. You want to be blind firing at him (not using the left trigger to bring up the cross hairs), you won't very accurate but you aren't actually trying to kill him that way. You want to get close enough where the chainsaw will lock onto him but the danger is the shotgun can deliver a fatal blow in 1 or 2 hits at that range. So you want to time pressing B in between shotgun firing. As long as you weren't stunned or chainsaw de-revved by the shotgun you should grab him with the saw leaving him screaming, "WHAT THE *bleep* I SHOT HIM"(I know from experience on both ends). So the moral is chainsaw the unsuspecting and between shots in a one on one.