Gears of War Cheats

Disturbing & Funny... Rooftops... Dead guy on the crapper!
On online mode, be sure to join a quickmatch where the level select is "ROOFTOPS". Depending on the side of the map you spawn from, you will see a dead guy sitting on a toilet...

1) Walk straight to the small ledge facing toward the flight of stairs leading to the main rooftops.

2) Turn to the right (The way you would usually go) and continue to the end of the path.

3) Turn to the left (Again, the way you would usually go), but stop when a fence is on your right.

4) If on the right side of the map, the fence should be torn down a bit. If so, throw a smoke/ regular grenade into the open window across the gap from you. When the grenade flashes/ explodes, you will see a dead guy on a toilet.

NOTE: If the fence is not torn down on your first attempt, simply wait until the current round is over. When you spawn, you will be on the correct side of the map!