Gears of War Tips

Ok RAAM is one heck of a beast but know this, he is not that hard. First grab a Torque Bow and keep the Lancer handy and full of ammo. Alright so RAAM has the Kryll around him whoop-de-freakin-do. Use the Torque Bow to blow them off of RAAM and then quickly switch to the lancer. If you don't know the art of active reloading I suggest you better. Unload on RAMM and maybe you can get another clip out on him if you do your active reload right. Repeat and eventually he'll go down. This strategy took me about 5 min but it will increase on hardcore and insane. If RAAM gets too close to you run like hell to the other side of the train otherwise the kryll will come to feast on you or RAAM will tear you to bits with his turret. Don't use the turret on the other side of the train because you're in complete darkness and the kryll will attack while you focusing on RAAM. Do this and you should have no problem.