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The Epic Gears Trilogy Ends With a Bang

The good:

Incredible new modes, stunning graphics, and smooth gameplay make this an instant classic.

The bad:

An occasionally bland story can decline interest, but is certainly not enough to stop this gem from being truly amazing,


Rewind back to 2006: Gears of War is released. It forever changes the world of cover-based shooters, and sets a new, high standard for third person shooters. In 2011, five years and two releases later, Gears of War 3 manages to set the bar higher than ever. With well polished gameplay, graphics as good as they come, and a score that stands among some of the greatest in video game history, the third installment in this behemoth of a series impresses in all fields.

First Impressions

When I first picked up Gears of War 3, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. As a big fan of the first, I had...


Curb Stompin In Style


Gears of War 3 the (apparent) final entry in Epics blockbuster trilogy is pretty a much a by the numbers sequel. It retains the strengths of the first two games in the series, tweaks a few minor things to make the overall experience more enjoyable, yet still has the flaws that will supply series haters with ammunition to condemn it. However given the stellar foundation that the game has a by the numbers sequel isn't actually a bad thing.

With Epic focusing on Gears already existing fan base and essentially just refining and tweaking minor flaws we have been given an entry that is sure to ...

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