Gears of War 3 Unlockables

UnlockableHow to unlock
MVPHighest point total for the match.
First BloodEarned the first kill of the round.
F.I.F.O.First to die in a round.
Last Man OutLast man standing on your team.
Better ManWon a sudden-death showdown.
ClutchKilled 3 or more as last man standing to win the round.
Never Had a ChanceWon every round in the match.
The Double2 quick kills in a row.
The Triple3 quick kills in a row.
The Quad4 quick kills in a row.
The Quinn5 quick kills in a row.
NemesisKilled same opponent 5 times.
RetributionKilled your nemesis.
Swift VengeanceRevenge killed your last killer.
SolidMore kills than deaths in a match.
Denied!Ended an opponent's kill streak.
Killing SpreeKilled 5 opponents without dying.
RampageKilled 10 opponents without dying.
UnstoppableKilled 15 opponents without dying.
InvincibleKilled 20 opponents without dying.
GodlikeKilled 25 opponents without dying.
Trick ShotOne Torque Bow headshot leading to a double kill.
Hat TrickScored 3 headshots in a row without dying.
MortarfiedKilled multiple opponents with a single Mortar shot.
ClusterluckKilled multiple opponents with one grenade.
Grenade HugKilled an opponent after being grenade tagged.
Sapper StarKilled an opponent with the opponent's own planted frag grenade.
Ole!Grenade tagged a Retro charging opponent.
BoombardierKilled multiple opponents with a single Boomshot blast.
Hail MaryBoomshot kill from over 200 feet.
Kaboom!Killed multiple opponents with a single Sawed-off Shotgun blast.
RoadblockStopped a Retro charge with the Sawed-off Shotgun.
LumberjackChainsawed 3 opponents in a row.
Charge!Retro charged 3 opponents in a row.
Military Intelligence5 opponents spotted ending in a kill.
Not So FastKilled an opponent who was executing a teammate.
Negotiation OverHeadshot an opponent with a meatshield.
Oscar MikeKilled a Roadie Running opponent with a headshot.
The SuperKilled an evading opponent with a headshot.
Death from BelowKilled an opponent with a grenade while downed.
Death from BeyondKilled an opponent after you have died.
Death from AboveKilled multiple opponents with a single HOD blast.
UntouchableNever captured when playing as the leader.
Lead by ExampleKilled 5 opponents as the leader in a round.
Want Something DoneCaptured the enemy leader when playing as the leader.
Captiv-atingCaptured the enemy leader.
Secret ServiceMost leader rescues in a match.
Rear GuardSurvived every round of Wingman.
AvengedKilled your Wingman's assassin.
Top of the HillKilled 5 opponents from inside the ring.
Ring BreakerBroke opposing ring 3 times in a round.
Ring KingCaptured a ring 3 times in a round.
Dead RingerWon a round of KOTH by shutting out the opposing team.
Eye on the PrizeMost points earned in the ring.
SacrificeBroke the ring alone while DBNO.
No, Wait!Killed an opponent while they reloaded.
Special DeliveryKilled an opponent with a bag & tag.
No SmokingKilled an opponent with a smoke grenade.
Never SurrenderCome from defeat to win a match.
Unlucky BastardOnly player on your team to die in a round.
Team PlayerMost assists in a match.
Personal AssistantAssisted 10 kills in a round.
MedicRevived 5 teammates in a round.
So CloseKilled while recovering from DBNO.
SurvivorRevived yourself 5 times in a round.
Methodical5 executions in a round.
Stop Thief!5 kills stolen by others in a round.
First to FightFirst kill in every round of a match.
Final WordFinal kill of the match.
The CleanerFinal kill in every round of a match.
Coup de GraceFinal kill with an execution.
VigilantWon a match with no deaths and 10+ kills.
Smooth OperatorHighest K/D ratio in a match.
Tough GuyFewest deaths in a match.
Rough DayMost deaths in a match.
Stay DownMore downs than kills in a match.
ExecutionerMost executions in a match.
EvasiveLeaser damage taken in a match.
ContenderMost melee hits in a match.
PacifistMost revives than kills in a match.
Spray and PrayMost blindfire kills in a match.
HeadhunterMost headshot kills in a match.
Carmine's StarMost headshot deaths in a match.
GrenadierMost grenade kills in a match.
PistoleerMost pistol kills in a match.
Quick ClipsMost perfect Active Reloads in a match.
Clear!Most revives in a match.
Well ProtectedMost revived player in a match.
Guys? Hello?Most time down but not out in a match.
Buttoned UpSpent the most time in cover.
Under the RadarEarned no other ribbons in a match.
Pop Goes the WeaselBlew up 3 enemies at once (Ticker).
IndigestionKilled an enemy with a swallowed grenade (Wild Ticker).
Monkey-DogMultiple enemies you stunned were killed (Wretch).
MeatshopKilled 4 enemies without dying (Butcher).
Team ShamanHealed 4 teammates at once (Kantus).
Team SaviorRevived 3 teammates at once (Kantus).
PillagerDestroyed 5 fortifications in a round.
Test DriverPlayed as 5 different Locust in a round.
AntiheroKilled 5 different Heroes in a round.
Ready for the HeaviesUnlocked the final row of Locust.
Just in TimeCompleted the wave with only 1 second left.
Long HaulerCompleted all 50 waves in one session.
Point ManEarned the most cash in the wave.
Combat EngineerWorked on 5 fortifications in one deployment.
FounderEstablished a COG Base.
FinancierGave $5,000 to teammates.
ReconnaissanceIn Ghost Cam, spotted 3 weapons before they were picked up.
ObserverSurvived the wave but with no kills.
Phat LootCompleted a wave Challenge Objective.
Last HopeSurvived the wave as the last one alive.
Go on Without MeCompleted the wave as the only one dead.
High ROIKilled 5 enemies with a weapon you purchased.
I GotchaRevived all 4 teammates in one wave.
Like a BossSurvived a Boss Wave without going down or dying.
Rope-a-DopeKilled 3 enemies in a wave that were attacking a decoy.
BotanistShot 5 Lambent Pods in a chapter.
Mech JockeyKilled 10 enemies with a Silverback.
FlyswatterKilled 5 Shriekers.
Quick KickerKicked 5 small enemies.
Pull!Killed a ground bursting enemy in the air.
DewormerKilled 3 Lambent Headsnakes.
PrunerSever 5 Lambent mutant arms.
Pig StickerRetro charge 4 Formers in one charge.
AceMost kills in an Arcade chapter.
Hand HolderMost revives in an Arcade chapter.
WingmanMost assists in an Arcade chapter.
StockpilerMost ammo taken in an Arcade chapter.
ConservationistLeast ammo taken in an Arcade chapter.
Number 1Earned the highest score in an Arcade chapter.
Priority TargetHighest score for a single kill in an Arcade chapter.
On Your Feet, SoldierCompleted Arcade chapter without going down but not out.