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[edit] Background

Gears of War 2 is the direct sequel to Gears of War and follows the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) as they continue to fight the Locust armies that are attempting to destroy the population of planet Sera.

The player controls Sergeant Marcus Fenix as he leads his team into Locust territory to assault them at the core and prevent the Locusts from sinking the cities.

It was developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft in 2008 as an exclusive for the Xbox 360.

[edit] Gameplay

The campaign in the story can be played solo or with two player co-op; the co-op mode also allows players to turn on “communal combat” which allows them to adjust the enemy AI. When playing co-op, it's possible for players to join and leave at any moment.

Taking cover is an essential gameplay mechanic in this third-person shooter; players need to use cover to avoid taking damage, and they can fire at enemies by firing blindly or by looking around the edge. Health is regenerated by avoiding damage, and if the player is damaged enough, then they will become incapacitated. When incapacitated the player needs to be revived by a teammate, however, some gamemodes allow the player to recover on their own.

Players can carry four different weapons at once which are obtained throughout the campaign, and there are a variety of unique weapon types.

The game features an extensive multiplayer with seven different multiplayer modes including Horde mode; in Horde, up to five players can fight the 50 waves enemies. This most can also be played offline.

It features altered versions of classic gamemodes such as Capture the Flag and several team deathmatch-style modes; in addition to this, many modes are COG v Locust based where one team play as humans and the other controls Locust soldiers which have unique abilities.

[edit] What's New

While most of the gameplay is the same as the first game, it features new enemies, weapons, and characters. There is also a range of new vehicles, some of which can be driven by the player for the first time in the series.

The campaign received a new “Normal” difficulty level between the previously used “Casual” and “Hardcore” modes; after completing the game once, the player unlocks the “Insane” difficulty mode.

Multiplayer has also seen some changes to allow for 5v5 matches; three new modes were added to the game such as Horde and there are a variety of multiplayer scenarios to complete with other players.

[edit] Features

Co-op Campaign – Drop in and out at any moment to fight with other players

Adjust the co-op – Tweak different settings for a more entertaining co-op experience

Difficulty levels – Select from a range of levels to make the game harder or easier

Team-based – Work with other players or the AI to survive in combat

Extensive multiplayer – Fight other players online in six different gamemodes

Horde – Take the challenge alone or work with a group to survive the waves of enemies

[edit] Players liked:

  • The co-op
  • Good graphics
  • Great horde mode
  • Amazing campaign

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Weak story
  • Bad multiplayer
  • Weak final boss fight

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a vast improvement over the original, truly epic 10/10 GearsOfWar2
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Not bad for a shooter. The online is only good when playing with friends though. GearsOfWar2
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AMAZING multiplayer, cant get enough of it GearsOfWar2
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Better than the First GearsOfWar2
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goury and horror GearsOfWar2
Dark Assassin
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This is the greatest game ever!!!!!! GearsOfWar2
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5/5 GearsOfWar2
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Am done with this game but is was good gameplay with a decent storyline. Online is for dedicated pro's. GearsOfWar2
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