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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy Review

The good:

This game has many good sides to it, like dueling all the characters from your favourite TV show, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and with all the cool gimmicks goin on. Its great to pass the dorm switch exams to advance to upper stage dorms and earn a higher duelist rank. Study hard, the writtens exams isn't just a day on the beach y'know. Be sure to get a lot of questions correct, your total score depends on your written exam rank, skill exam rank and practical exam rank. The skill exam is a timed dule which begins on your turn with a time limit. You must find out the strategy to win on that turn! The practical exam ia a duel against an exam guy with a base target. If its Fusion summons for instance, you must fusion summon as monsters as possible and so on. Next there's the shop where you buy all your card-tastic needs. Use the password machine to unlock wicked cards usin there codes, however, they dont come cheap! Some cost 1000 others 3000 some 10,000 and some are even 20,000 duel points! You earn duel points by winnin duels! Thats all the wonderous good parts about this awesome game!

The bad:

The bad side to this game is that some characters have silly made-up decks, not their decks in the programme. Like Syrus, he has Mirror Force in his deck which is a powerful trap card, but doesn't even have that card in the TV show! Its just not right! Everyone in the whole bleedin' game has Mirror Force! Its just so annoyin! Plus, everyone has that annoyin level 6, Jinzo! And you can't even have a peaceful attack sometimes without a trap card stoppin you! And to add to that they always get that Snatch Steal card which lets you take an opponents monster, as long as you give 1000 life points during there standby phases! Thats all the bad stuff, not much, right?


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy is an excellent game with a great dueling fun and lots of gimmicks to see. Go to all sorts of places on the Duel Academy island like the Duel Academy itself, the Volcano, The Harbour, The different dorms and loads more! Duel all the cool characters from the show and build your deck upo with new cards! Complete every set of packs and get all the cards! Make your deck unstoppable! You think Zane is good? Take him down! Then he wont look so 'best duelist' after all, eh? This game is just barrel dragons of fun {barrel dragon is a yu-gi-oh! card} and it will just last a...

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