Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (PS2) Cheats

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Dragon killing Secret Room
on some levels, if you go into the secret coin room, and there is an awake gargoyle, when you come out of the room, the dragon will be gone, and you do not the Golden Icon from it.
Easy Level Up way
start as a normal character without any name codes, and start with someone who is invincible, using the name INVULN, and when something hard comes, get the enemy to attack the invincible person, and just keep hitting the enemy.
Good team playing
if you play with more than one person, the best way to play is to have the characters on the box, the Green Jester, Hyena, Archer, or Tigress, Blue Knight, Valkyrie, Unicorn, or Falconess, Yellow Sorceress, Wizard, Medusa, or Anubis, and the Red Dwarf, Barbarian, Ogre, or Minotaur.
Hanging Garm
When fighting Skorne in the Underworld, after you defeat him, you can see Garm in his weak form chained up behind the pit where Skorne stands.


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Change Character Color
When you first start the game, you're given the yellow version of any character first. In order to change to green, red or blue you need only to simply press up and down when selecting the type of character you want.
Cheat Codes
To use any of the following codes, enter them as your player's name. Since that are put as the name, you can only have one in use at a time.
$10,000 Gold each level: 10000K
9 potions and keys each level: ALLFUL
Invincible Character: INVULN
Invisible Character: 000000
Floating Character: 1ANGLI
Big Character: DELTA1
3-Way Shot Character: MENAGE
Turbo Character: PURPLE
Extra Speedy Character: XSPEED
X-Ray Character: PEEKIN
Supershot Character: SSHOTS
Rapid Fire Character: QCKSHT

Double Gold
have 2 to 4 people fight against a gaurdian.

if you have 2 people 2x as much gold will come out of the boss.
Fast Experience
Need a way to up your levels quickly? As soon as you unlock the Spider Queen boss fight in the Forest Stages, fight her repeatedly. Even though she's a lower level boss compared to the others you will fight after her, she will give you the most experience. You can literally gain at least two or three levels each time you fight her. Do this over and over again until you are a level 99 Legend. You can also use the treasure you gain from her to continually add attributes to your character and stock up on keys and magic potions.
Invincible plus infinite cash
Enter your name as 10000K. When you start the game you will have 10000 dollars. Every time before you start a level buy invualnerible until you run out of cash about 5 times.
Make Red Knight look like Ninjia
In the name select screen make your name tak118
more secret characters!!
enter your name as one of these (note):you can only enter one per person*

fat dwarf:ICE600
stick figure/smiley face:STX222
stick figure/baseball cap:KJH105
stick figure/mohawkNK666
bald guy:STG333
casual/head on staffIB626
martial artist/2 scythes:SJB964
bald guy/black capeARTHC
valkyre/bloody scythe:TWN300
japanese girl:AYA555
1st world general:MTN200
rat warrior:RAT333

Play as Green Alien
Play as the Green Alien, enter S K Y 1 0 0
Play as Pojo
Play as Pojo the Chicken

Play as Pojo - E G G 9 1 1
Play as Sumner
Play as Sumner, enter the name - S U M 2 2 4
Quick Growth For Lower Level Characters
Getting impatient gaining levels for a new character when you switch over from your old higher level character? Have a friend join in! Either copy your Gauntlet save data on a second memory card or join forces with a friend who has covered as much ground in the game as you have. Have your partner play a high level character and then bring in a new change-over character you wish to level up. The higher level character will still have access to all the stages he/she has unlocked. Then, enter a boss fight and have the high character assault the boss in close quarters to distract it while the low character fires from afar. This will enable to low character to gain levels quicker than if he/she were going through regular stages. Combine this with the Fast Experience Spider Queen cheat listed here and your low characters will have a much better advantage when playing through the regular game.
Reflecting Shots
Enter the following code as your characters name when beginning a new game

Reflecting Shots - R E F L E X
Haven't found all 12 runestones yet? Not to worry. If you miss a few along the way, just continue playing through the game until you get to one of the next-to-last stages where you fight Skorne for the first time. After that, any runestones you are missing can be found much easier than before. Simply go up to the Yellow Wizard Sumner and ask him about runestones. He will tell you which stage the next stone you need to find is in. Then, when you enter the level, you'll get a nifty little meter in the upper right hand corner that acts as a Hot & Cold game. The closer you are to the runestone, the more the meter will fill up. Sumner will also help you out by saying, "You are near a runestone". Grab the stone from that level, then return to Sumner for information on the location of the next one.
Secret Costumes
Each class in the game has quite a few secret costumes. To access these, simply enter the codes below as your character's name. Each six-digit code is one different costume.






The Name Game
If you press X in the name insertion screen when starting a new game, rather than entering a name, the computer will auto-complete it for you. Then, you'll get the lordly title of "Larry" or "Chip" or "Chuck." Chuck the Wizard has a nice ring to it.
unlimited cash
Want to start the game with your charactor maxed out in attributes. You have to name your charactor 10000k, to unlock the cheat. You start the game with 10000$, so hit start to see the menu and select the shop. Spend all of your money on attributes, then exit. You'll be back in the castle with another 10000$. Keep doing this until your maxed out on attributes, then spend your money on whatever you want.
Unlock Secret Characters
Each stage area in the game is divided up into six levels. The second level of each area contains a white door lying somewhere on the ground. Step over the door to enter a special level where you must collect 25 coins. Collect them all within the time limit to unlock one extra secret character. The first area will unlock Medusa, the second will unlock Minotaur and so on.
View cutscenes
When the game loads, you see the copyrights screen first. If you hold the x button while this screen is up, the game will show the cutscenes from the beginning of the various levels when the screen clears. You can skip though scenes with x button and return to the normal load of the game by pressing start.