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very fun


This game is really amusing. If you have ever played the arcade version of this game you will defentally like it on the good o' N64. The controll is pretty easy except for when it comes to choosing items, using items, and turning off item. Of course you use the control stick to move around and the A button to use your weapon but for choosing and item you use all 4 of the C buttons. And to activate/unactivate item you simply press the R button. The game is really fun. It has a nice story and it can be challenging, no, VERY CHALLENGING at some points in the game. You have to collect 13 RUNE STONES to beat the game. and also you need OBOLISKS to open all the worlds.

The story is about some legends(charecters) that is on a magical journey to stop the evil villian SKORN! A long time ago some guy released SKORN into the SUMMNERS tower and it is up to you to beat the evil sinister SKORN!!. If you are like me you always want to read the back of the box before you buy something. Don't you hate it when you go to the store just to look at the back og one game and then the game doesn't seem to impress you any more? well i am going to spare you a little bit of time and just type every word that is on the back of the box--

Arm your-self and up to 3 friends, for adrenaline-drenched 4-player action in the legendary gauntlet universe. Destroy the evil forces in the 7 kingdoms! Experience 3 never before seen worlds filled with new enimies, traps, and treasures! Use powerful sorcery exotic power-ups and new items of legend to save the realm from the deamon lord skorn! Choose from the 4 classic charecters (unlock five hidden characters) to fight hords of vile enimies and 6 vicious bosses! Become part part of the gauntlet saga by solving over 20 magical quests complete with new in-engine cinematics to tell the rich story line! Use controller pak to transport your ever-evolving character to a friends console! Then, team up against Skorn and his evil army of Death!

There you have it.

The graphics are pretty good. They could have made it better in some places but it is still awsome! The sound is nice. Every once in a while you won't be able to tell what it is saying but you can still figure out how to beat the game with out hearing everything! Also if you are stuck on anything just go ask SUMNER for help!

Once you have beaten this game you probably won't want to start a new game but you will defentally want to build up your characters level and maybe make a few more characters along the way!

Well i got this game on sell for $15 but i think it is still worth buying it for a higher amount of money. SOME of you(like smaller kids) should probably rent this game before you buy it. In closing, I think it is a very good game and i think you won't be unhappy with it either. I hope this review has helped you make you decision to get/ not get this game!

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