Gauntlet Legends review
The Classic Comes Home Again

The good:

Supports up to 4 players. Adds levels not in the arcade version. Almost arcade-perfect sounds. New power-ups and Legend Items.

The bad:

Some problems with pixelization in the graphics. New item-switching control scheme is too complex.


In the arcades, Gauntlet Legends was a game someone could easily put $20 into without realizing it, and Midway did a good job of bringing the addictive game home. It retains most of the arcade original, plus adds new levels that arcades didn't get before Dark Legacy came out. You can still play as the original 4 characters or their secret alter-egos. And if you're a skilled enough player, you can even unlock Sumner! The new Legend items add a new dimension to gameplay as well-find them and your job's a whole lot easier against the massive bosses!
Another significant change is that power-ups can be stored until later, rather than ne used right away. This is a great option but the control scheme for selecting & using these items is too complicated. Graphics are excellent but sometimes enemies, when defeated, look a bit too "boxy" around the edges. Frame rate is good but appears to be almost too fast in some areas.
While you can play this game by yourself, it was clearly designed to be played with a group of friends. So gather up your buddies and Controller Paks and play through it 4-player style to get the most out of it.

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