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Gauntlet Legends Cheats

Unlock Sumner
Exit through the secret door in the last level of The Trench. Then, collect fifty coins in the bonus level to unlock the Sumner at the Character Selection screen.
submitted by Awerhal

Unlock Minotaur
Go to the Cliff level in the Mountain Kingdom. Find all switches, then go to the area with the exit. Do not step on the exit portal. Instead, head down until you see a trapdoor with a skull and crossbones. Step on it and you will be transported to a room with many coins. Collect fifty coins to unlock the Minotaur at the character selection screen.
submitted by Awerhal

Unlock Falconess
Go to the bonus level in the Castle World. Collect fifty coins to unlock the Falconess at the character selection screen. She has the same turbo attacks as the Valkyrie.
submitted by Awerhal

Unlock Jackal
Play through the second level of the Ice World. There is a trapdoor at a dead end on top of the pile of crates at the end. The trapdoor is found by climbing the slanted crates to the top. At the top, circle around until you get a chance to go back down. From there, climb the other set of slanted crates, located before the exit, and standing atop the trapdoor. Collect fifty coins inside the door to unlock the Jackal at the character selection screen. He is a more powerful form of the Wizard.
submitted by Awerhal

Unlock Tigress
Go to the first town level. Find all main switches, then go to the portal. When you reach the portal, backtrack a small distance until you reach a hill with a chest, a switch, and Death. Avoid Death and hit the switch. Head in the position the switch is pointing and you will reach some zombies and the trap door. Stand on the trap door and collect fifty coins to unlock the Tigress at the character selection screen.
submitted by Awerhal

New weapon
When you reach each of levels 10, 50, and 99, your character receives a new weapon.

Get a familiar
Reach level 25 to receive a familiar:

At level 50, your familiar is upgrade.

Permanent anti-death
When you complete the game, you will have permanent anti-death, which allows you to steal health from Death.


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Permanant Turbo
At the character screen, enter your name in as "PURPLE"
Unlock levels and Power-Ups,and Maximise Experience Level
At the Hero select screen, enter Messiah as your name. If you entered it the code correctly, you'll hear a sound, all levels and power-ups will be unlocked, and your experience level will be maximised!