Garry's Mod review
One of the best sandbox games ever made

The good:

Freedom to create anything you want: houses, cars, boats, planes, helicopters, or some other crazy contraption: from scratch or from common objects like crates, barrels, household furniture etc.

Lots of different gamemodes: from sandbox to racing to City RP.

100% moddable.

The bad:

Some contraptions need fine tweaking, physics can be a bit overactive, NPC corpses can't be cleared.


For a game that will only run you £5.99 (Or about 12 US dollars in the majority's case), Garry's Mod is one of the most popular Steam games, and the best sandbox game, ever to be created. The game recently scored 1.4 million copies sold, and trust me, I wouldn't think any game that's so cheap, money-wise, would sell that many.

The main point of Garry's Mod is to build contraptions and make them work. These can range from cars to boats to trains to helicopters and a countless amount of things you can do. To build these you use props, simple models that were taken from existing games. Speaking of existing games, the other main idea is that you collect as many Valve games as you can so that you can use it's resources in the game. To start you off, you get quite a lot of stuff from Half Life 2, such as NPC's, weapons, models from the game and ragdolls. My personal favourite category is the HL2 Vehicles section, where you can spawn usually wrecked car bodies and try and bring them to life with the wheel tool and two thrusters on one side. Garry's Mod also has it's own range of pre-made models, such as jet planes, railways, trains, rollercoasters, and even has it's own mascot: G-Man.

Sometimes building can be easy, other times it needs a little bit of perfecting. For example, to make sure a train doesn't go flying off a track you have to decrease the force of the thruster that makes it go forwards or backwards. If you're making a helicopter you might have to resort to using hoverballs, which can go ape if you're not careful. You would think that building a car is as simple as placing four wheels on a box and making sure the wheels turn the right way when you press a key on your numpad. Wrong. You have to add thrusters on both sides of the car if you want it to turn and not have too much force if you don't want it to drift. But it's fairly easy once you know how to do it.

Besides Sandbox, there are also a plethora of other gamemodes. One or two of them have you live in a city, get a job, eat food etc. or it could be a simple deathmatch. Obviously I can't list every single gamemode that exists, so lets skip to the next part of this review.

The graphics are amazing. The lighting is up to perfection and everything is just so detailed. The water deserves a real praise, it is absolutely beautiful.
The player models are also perfectly detailed and everything is just perfect in general. Well done Garry, well done.

The game was completely made to be multiplayer, but you can also go single-player if you want to. The community obviously varies depending on what gamemode you're playing. For example, sandbox players can be helpful and can make pretty cool stuff. DarkRP players can be a little out of order, otherwise they're generally ok. Overall, the online is A-OK.

The game has completely realistic audio. All of the props have their own material, so for example wooden crates obviously sound like wood when they collide with something, or when they get hit. Glass props will shatter like glass, metal clangs when it collides. If you die, you hear a heart-monitor sound that decreases to a long beep. If you get killed by an explosive, you hear a high-pitched sound as if your hearing got damaged. When you're underwater, the sound is modified to fit exactly that. Even the voices of other players are changed. NPC's get voices too, though all of the HL2 humans call you Gordon since they think you're Dr. Freeman. I love how the zombies sound like, especially the Fast Zombie and the Manhacks. The audio is again up to perfection.

The controls are really easy to handle. You can walk, run, sprint, crouch and jump. You can also fly around using the V key. This is called "noclip" and it makes you able to go through almost anything. Though strangely, bullets can still hit you so watch out. When you have a contraption going, such as a helicopter or car, you can control it like an RC toy with your numpad. Or you can hop in (if you added a seat) and can drive it. The handling of your own contraption depends on what you added and how you modified it. Other than that, everything is great.

Being a game that can be expanded by the many Valve games out there, it obviously takes every resource from any Valve game you have in your Steam Library and allows you to use it to your taste. If you have Team Fortress 2, you can pose a Scout ragdoll in any way you want. Though some of Garry's Mod is original, such as having it's own models, otherwise it's a real resource user.

Lasting Value
With all the game-modes, maps, add-ons and various other stuff you can add to the game, this game shall never end up being defined with the word "old". Though sometimes you can end up not knowing what to build, but that's a different story entirely. It's guaranteed that you can play this game forever.

Garry's Mod is the best sandbox ever created, as I said earlier. Most of it's features are tuned up to perfection and the game never gets old. I'm still quite new to this game and already I've joined communities about certain servers on the game. It's definitely a great game in all it's might.

Recommending it
If you're a PC gamer, you have to at least try this game. Especially if you're on Steam. It's one of the most popular Steam games, and I would completely recommend it to every gamer I meet. I love this game so much. I can't see who wouldn't.

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Spooker nack Jul 1, 12
Do you know that you can delete corpse by using the clean all button from the admin tab?
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Peter Sep 10, 12
I did, I found out about that way after I wrote this XD Thanks.
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