Gardening Mama Cheats

Gardening Mama cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Gardening Mama cheat codes.


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Bee game
After unlocking all the special plants there is the honey game. You collect honey from all the flowers in your flower garden. Can be found on the cute treasure chest.
Like in cooking mama and cooking mama 2 you get a bonus when you finish before half time.
Choose flower colour
You know when you fertilize your flowers? Each fertilizer has a different coloured flower on it. Whatever one you choose will be the flower colour you get.
Honey Collecting Game
In the game where the bee collects honey, the more flowers you have in your flower garden, the more flowers appear for the bee! Giving you better honey!
To get a new house, you need to get a certain number of points. To check this, go to the harvest shed and then, total, and touch okay, to see how many more points you need to get the next house.
List of special plants
Okay, well, getting fertilizers and stuff with giant pumpkins and star potatoes etc on them was worthless, right. Wrong. The fertilizers are good. They can change the colour of your flower, give you ten extra points. But, did you ever get the giant pumpkin fertilizer? Use that when planting squashes and you'll find a giant pumpkin at harvest time! Then it'll be in your special garden. The list is:
Rainbow tulips, Giant Sunflowers, Metallic silver and black roses, Giant pumpkin, Butterfly pansies, giant straweberries and star potatos.
Pumpkin carving minigame
After harvesting your first giant pumpkin, a pumpkin-carving minigame will be unlocked. You can access it by going to the the Decoration menu (it's in the right corner).
Pumpkin in garden
After playing the pumpkin carving mini game you can put a pumpkin in your garden.