Gangsters 2 - Vendetta Cheats

Gangsters 2 - Vendetta cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Level 19- Wrathlington
As stated in the FAQ/walkthroughs on Neoseeker, Wrathlington is a nasty and time consuming level, with this little tip it need not be. Immediately at the start of the level sell joeys roadster and buy him a bullet proof car, look at the gang leader of the yellows, he should be leaving his office and getting into an armored car. Send bane after him in his armored car, telling him to ignore everyone on the way and hey presto, bane should win the little drive by war they have. Ignore the police that try to help the gang leader as you should still win the fight without killing them. The downside is you can't hire the decent gangsters or get those upgrade points still its better than the long stuff involved in doing it right


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10,000 dollars
hold shift and type "i love a" (no speech marks)after you have typed that let go of shirt and press 1
Money and 5-star specialists

To add $10000 to your account, deselect any gangsters, hold SHIFT and type "I LOVE A" release SHIFT and press "1" (all with out quotes)


Change Bane's name to ">- 00 -<" (with spaces and zeros - no quotes)
Other Cheats
Get All Info on Enemies:
To get all the information on the enemy gang's office, type your gang leader's name as:

5-star Gangster:
Right click on the street, HOLD SHIFT and type "this time around" without the quotes, let go off of the shift button and then you should receive a Gangster with a Tommy gun, 2 Bombs, Assassination and Full Health. Repeat for more Gangsters.