Gangstar 2 Kings of L.A. Cheats

Gangstar 2 Kings of L.A. cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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easy money
This is the only existing cheat there is for this game i have kept it a secret but here it is :]

step 1: go to beverly hills
step 2: press select two times
step 3: go to the repair shop
step 4: there are three cars at the repair shop in the parking lot
step 5: the cars are lined up from most cost to less cost top to bottom
step 6: get into the first car at the top
step 7: drive into the repair shop and sell it
step 8: do the same thing with the others
step 9: move away from the parking lot untill you can not see it on the bottom screen
step 10: repeat these steps over and over untill you have as much money as you want

remember this is the best way not to be chased by the police
big bucks await you my fellow gamers injoy

oh and you have my promition to copy my cheat and post it anywhere