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[edit] Background

The Game Boy Advance line is the latest in Nintendo's market-dominating Game Boy series of portables. Continuing the trend of offering cartridge-based classic gaming on the go, the GBA line (which also comes in GBA SP and GB Micro flavours) takes everything that made the Game Boy line popular and adding more to the experience.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

- Backwards compatible with all Game Boy and Game Boy Colour titles (bar GB Micro, which only plays GBA titles)
- Power supply varies- original GBA runs on two AA batteries, GBA SP and GB Micro run on internal proprietary battery packs.
- Processor is 32-bit 16.8-MHz ARM processor (ARM7TDMI), GBA and GBA SP also contain a 8.4-MHz Z80-like processor for backwards compatibility.
- 2.9 inch LCD screen with a 240x160 resolution
- Mutliboot function allowing GBA to recieve 256kb of data through link port for use in Multiboot games and GameCube connectivity.

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Mar 10, 13 4:48am
Hi! I'm new, and I have a Gameboy Advance SP :D Any of you interesting of buying it? GameboyAdvanceHardware
Aug 10, 12 4:49pm
Lol, this is one of the best hand held devises ever. GameboyAdvanceHardware
Aug 12, 10 12:32pm
great GameboyAdvanceHardware
Jul 24, 09 6:52am
I used to have this but then i lost it :O GameboyAdvanceHardware
Diamond Ice
Jun 14, 09 12:51pm
Not my favorite stage in GameBoy's evolution through time. My GBA now you can't see through the screen and my GBA-SP fell in a toilet.... GameboyAdvanceHardware
Mar 20, 09 9:23pm
SP/ GameboyAdvanceHardware
Sep 28, 08 4:11am
gewd GameboyAdvanceHardware
Super pikachu
Aug 20, 08 8:03am
beaten game GameboyAdvanceHardware
Spriter Neb
Jun 21, 08 10:52am
Wal-Mart GameboyAdvanceHardware
Nov 9, 07 5:21am
One of my favorite systems of all time. Golden Sun ftw. GameboyAdvanceHardware
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