Gallop Racer 2004 review
Gallop Racer 2004

The good:

Very realistic. You have to pay your dues here also, as in real life. The most important thing missing is the break downs. Who needs them? The accomplishments are very real not to mention rewarding.

The bad:

If you aren't familiar with this industry (thoroughbred racing) you won't understand it. Experience is a very real plus here. Not necessarily bad, but an improvement would be to make the yearlings look more like yearlings.


I can't say enough about this game. There are no cheats in this game. There is no easy way. The only way to the top is through the muck. If you think this is fit for the dog house, you're probably looking in a mirror. If you can't ride with the big dogs, stay on the porch. This one won't be as easy to conquer as 2003.

The trainers here are quite similar to the owners in real life. They come from all walks. Most haven't got a clue!!! They have more money than sense.

My game went belly up. Suddenly I had "No data file." messages. I would give anything to have this game back again, however, I won't pay over retail. Tecmo has my game and acknowledged the CD had a problem. They are willing to replace it but have no current copies. They have given me a complimentary 2003 until they can replace 2004. After playing 2004 I can't believe how boring this is, but it will work for now.

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