Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

  • Released on Jan 15, 1993
  • By Sierra for PC

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers review
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers


I may only be guessing but seeing the way that adventure games are going at the moment it is probably either a desperate moment or accidental hyperlink that brought you to this review. Then again you may just be a hard core Gabriel Knight fan like me and a few others on this planet.
Anyway the review, its very difficult to put this game into general perspective and win the shortest sentence of the year award at the same time so bare with me as i take you into the mysterious depths of the Gabriel Knight world.
It is nicer to know a little bit about the making of this game because it was intended to be a pioneering project for Sierra Online back in 1993. A renowned computer games storyteller known as Jane 'GK4 hater' Jensen (i will explain) wrote the novel containing the story that drives this game. The sound department of the project prepared a Hollywood cast to voice act the characters. These included Mark Hamill (Star Wars) Tim Curry (Think this is all he did) and some other maybe well known people.
The story itself is about an American freelance writer living in New Orleans who owns a book store that would not even challenge the profits of your local library. This contributes to the annoying start of the game, no cash to splash out on a ferrari or a decent hair cut. I guess the Harley will just have to do. Anyway he currently "employs" a student who got so bored and decided to work in a dump book shop. She provides the female strength to the story causing Gabriel to reveal sarcasm on a comedy level. Currently in New Orleans there is a series or Voodoo murders occuring frequently involving the odd organ extraction and graphic corpses.
Actually playing the game is the intuitive part of the gameplay. There had simply never been so much control over a character in an adventure game before. New mouse icons allow the user to get Gabe to do anything really quickly such as examine something and stick it in the never ending space of your inventory. Another new aspect that this game intorduces to the genre is the detailed character conversations. When you choose to question an unsuspecting victim the screen enters a special dialogue layout involving the two characters faces close up and the possible questions list. The faces move in accordance to the speech that is occuring, it just looks as if the picture is really saying the words which adds to the realism.
The game as a whole is split into chapters also known as days just like the novel depicts. Each new chapter is a new day in Gabes life which requires one cup of coffee and horscope checking to get through without having mental fits in the centre of Jacksons sqaure.
The games progression involving story and character devlopments is astonishing for a computer game. Originally games never cared at all about why your a soldier with a rocket launcher on mars, they just want you to kill stuff. GK changed all that, all of your actions causes changes in the time of day and the things that your allowed to do.
One tenth of the games beauty is its wonderful art and graphics. The location backgrounds depict the feel and atmosphere of the place you are in allowing for your character to explore virtually anything on screen.
I guess i better stop babbling on about this mega-star game of the nineties. I wont bother trying to finish off this review in some flashly-worded masterpiece sentence structurisation, basically this was the defintive adventure game of the nineties which most of the world still does not understand. Even the author of the story (Jane Jensen) is forgeting this because she has decided to give up on the GK series (finishing at the third installament) and never created a fourth. But the sarcastic low life P.I. will never be forgotten in many pure adventurers hearts, as Gabes mysterious adventures will live on forever. Thats assuming that the games shops still sell the third-hand copies to people without feeling guilty of ripping them off.
Just buy this game for christ sake, it'll change your life!!

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