Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

  • Released on Jan 15, 1993
  • By Sierra for PC

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers review
Gabriel Knights Part One: We like Sins by our Fathers...

The good:

Voice acting is superb. Puzzles are superb. The price to buy this game is superb (only 10 bucks! steal deal). Probably one of the best adventure games ever, if not better than Full Trottle, The Dig, and Grim Fandango. Located in New Orleans, with lots of info on Voodoo and other things like Gris Gris and Girls...

The bad:

Ugly graphics for today's standards, but back then it was the $#!~. You can't find Gabriel Knights 2 the sequel anywhere... but 3 is still on the shelves.


Gabriel is having weirdo dreams. He's also writing a book. He works/owns a Rare books bookstore. Murders are taking place.

You make the connections, drink coffee, collect veves, read the newspaper, learn Gris Gris, watch a snake charmer dance, visit Grandma, look at the suspicious drummers, give a hot dog to a kid, talk to the Professor, buy a crocodile head, sell your father's painting, and solve the puzzle while trying to get Miss Gedde.

Includes one liners like "Get the hell outta here!", "WONDERFUL.", and "Draken Breath."

Get this game. It is landmark. Even if you don't like adventure games get this one. It's cheap, it's a classic, you have nothing to lose, except hours of fun.

Not only that, the interface is also easy, all mouse action! And you can't avoid praizing Gabriel's good looks, well... uhhh maybe not, but he's had "many women..." or so he claims...

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