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F-Zero is the ultimate futuristic racing challenge with the fastest vehicles and the most hair-raising courses in the universe. The Link Cable for Game Boy Advance lets you pit your racing skills against up to three friends to boost, brake, bump and jump your way around the galaxy. There are both single-pak (1 Game Pak, 2-4 Game Boy Advances) and multi-pak link capabilities. Solo racing is also back and as extreme as ever. Steer your way to the top of the Grand Prix circuit to unlock hidden tracks and vehicles. F-Zero for Game Boy Advance is an intense rush for speed freaks everywhere.

[edit] Features

  • F-Zero: Maximum Velocity brilliantly blends adrenaline-pumping action with on-track obstacles and boosts that will challenge your driving skills to the max. With 20 tracks in four challenging circuits, there's plenty of depth for certified race freaks. Add intricate graphics, a blistering fast framerate and a pounding soundtrack and you've got maximum Mach fun--right in the palm of your hand!
  • F-Zero: Maximum Velocity offers five modes of play:
  • Training: If you want to run with the best, you'll need to hone your skills on open tracks.
  • Grand Prix: Go head-to-head with computer-controlled opponents in the four progressively tougher circuits.
  • Single-Pak Link Play: As many as four friends can race against each other with only a single Game Pak.
  • Multi-Pak Link Play: An enhanced multiplayer mode for as many as four opponents.
  • Championship: Race against the computer and track your performance in a new Replay mode.

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Nov 15, 08 11:32am

It seems that the commonly accepted vision of the future tends to carry with it ideas...

Mar 20, 04 2:01am

F-Zero Maximum Velocity is without doubt the finest racing game on the GBA. It is far...

Nov 21, 03 8:24am

I bought this game about 6 months ago or so - I saw it on the shelf on sale and since...

Jun 19, 03 1:53am

Graphics: Sharp and clear, good variation in backrounds and the shere look of the...

Jan 2, 03 10:46am

This is a good racing game but it is too linear and repetitive at times and thew...

Jul 26, 02 11:51am

This is a non-stop fast action racing game true to the SNES and N64 classics even...

Jun 3, 02 2:03pm

Well its graphics are ok, the music is cool, its a bit too hard for me, not as much...

Keith Nallawalla
Apr 3, 02 12:53am

This was my sixth gameboy advance game. I was after a racing game and looked around on...

Apr 2, 02 9:16am

This game was okay when you first turn it on and select all the cools things!

But then...

Oct 17, 01 1:49am

It was a while ago that I bought my game Boy Advance. I realised then that I had...

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Dec 16, 2011 (3DS)
    • Jun 11, 2001 (GBA)
  • Japan: Mar 21, 2001
  • Europe:
    • Dec 16, 2011 (3DS)
    • Jun 22, 2001 (GBA)
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