F-Zero GP Legend Cheats

F-Zero GP Legend cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Lightning: Volute Shortcut
Hit all the boosters and when you come up to the 1st jump hit it at a sharp angle to the right. Pull back the machine and steer it in the air to hit another jump plate ahead then steer left and land on the road. this is a great shortcut and skips quite a bit of the track. It is possible to take this shortcut with only a turn to the right and in a straight line.
Sand Ocean Shortcut
On Caterpillar I, there is a large U-bend in the track. This is difficult, but a boost and a sharp left turn from the jump plate will get you to a later part of the track.
Sand Ocean: Caterpillar (Shortcut)
Do the 1st lap, boost and hit the 1st jump as close as you can to the edge on the right and steer about less than 180 degrees and land on the track and then go through the pits. Take the next jump and be careful not to go too far because you will go past the finish line! It will reduce your lap times like 6-7 seconds.


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Big Blue: Slip Highway Shortcut
In the Big Blue: Slip Highway Course, there is a long left turn followed by a jump over an earlier section of the Course. Instead of flying over the jump, skid around as you are about to hit it and fly onto the parallel road the the left of the part of the Course which you were just on.