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F-Zero GX review
Reach "Silly" kph

The good:

Numnber and design of tracks
Story mode
Number of pilots in any one race
Race at really high speed

The bad:

Multiplayer a tad disappointing
Attack moves rather useless


F Zero GX is the Gamecube's installment of the futuristic racing game from Nintendo's camp. The only difference is that this has been developed by Sega. Can they do the job? Short answer yes. Long answer, read on.

Graphically the game is amazing. Each vehicle has been well designed and the tracks are amazing. Not that you'll notice much tearing along at about 1000 kph. The music and sounds are fantastic too, really fitting in with the game's atmosphere.

The gameplay itself is also brilliant. You really get a true sensation of speed as you tear along the 20+ tracks in your hover racing machine. Reacting within split-seconds is so great.

The Story Mode is a great addition to the series. Each race has a certain objective or condition, and it reveals parts of the background story not revealed before.

The multiplayer is a bit of a letdown. The small windows make it difficult to see everything, especially when flying at high speed. Also, the fact that there can only ever be four machines on the track at once is a real shame.

Also the attack moves look nice, but they only slow you down. I find it better to concentrate more on actually racing rather than hitting your opponents.

Overall, an awesome game that should really be in your collection.

Extreme G 3 (GC)

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