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| - [ Haven't Seen an Improvement This Big Since the N64 ] - |

The good:

- Amazing graphics in sharpness, clarity, and trigger-fast functionality

- The Garage customization feature is quite entertaining and pretty universal in selection of parts, colours, and decals

- The creative hand that is obviously placed into each imaginative race track stage impressed me again and again

The bad:

- The storyline was a little bland and simple in progress and explanation excluding the animation put to use, which was brilliant


[ Introduction ]

As with games such as Super Smash Bros. Melee and Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, I had chosen to purchase this game at least three years after it's North American release, but that never dimmed it's overall quality in game play. Ever since I was astounded by the amazing 3D breakthrough that this franchise made with the release of F-Zero X, I didn't think that it would ever improve beyond such a thing, but doubting the potential of new generations is a habit that should never be practiced by the ones who hold their faith in the hobby of video games yet never seem to show it as w...


From Zero to Hero

The good:

Amazing Graphics and Cinematics, Disgusting Soundtrack, Customazation, Wide Variety of Cars, Story Mode, Very Hard

The bad:

Repetative at times


A seemingly queit highway slept under the night's sky. Suddenly, two crafts, passing by at ludicours speeds, raced across the closed road. One was massive and black, heavy in weight. The other was a purple color, but also heavy. After miles of intence racing, the purple craft, known as the Dark Schnider, had rammed the Black Bull into the wall, sending it flying, exploding as soon as it made contact with the ground again. A man dressed as a black devil crawled out from the wreckage, holding his right arm. As he fell to the ground, a massive robot, controlled by the brain of a human walked u...


One of the best racing games ever.

The good:

Lots of cars to choose from.

Lots of unlockables

Good replay value

Cool looking levels

The bad:

Since you go so fast it can be hard to avoid walls at times.


Difficulty: Medium

I rented this game about two month ago and I can't belive I haven't written a review for it yet. Well this game takes the previous F-Zeros which were already good and makes it even better. I knew I would like this game. From start you only have a few cars and the rest you have to unlock. That's what makes this game have good replay value. Cool isn't it?

This game shouldn't dissapoint people who liked the previous F-Zero game. If you get a chance please go and try this game out or even buy it. I need to buy this game myself sometime.

I rate this game a 4.5/5 (9/10)


Reach "Silly" kph

The good:

Numnber and design of tracks
Story mode
Number of pilots in any one race
Race at really high speed

The bad:

Multiplayer a tad disappointing
Attack moves rather useless


F Zero GX is the Gamecube's installment of the futuristic racing game from Nintendo's camp. The only difference is that this has been developed by Sega. Can they do the job? Short answer yes. Long answer, read on.

Graphically the game is amazing. Each vehicle has been well designed and the tracks are amazing. Not that you'll notice much tearing along at about 1000 kph. The music and sounds are fantastic too, really fitting in with the game's atmosphere.

The gameplay itself is also brilliant. You really get a true sensation of speed as you tear along the 20+ tracks in your hover racing machine...


F-Zero GX

The good:

You get to race cool looking cars at a high speed.
The controls are nice and simple.

The bad:

It sucks when you are winning the entire race and them mess up on the last lap.


F-Zero GX is a really great game, one of the best on the Gamecube. You get to race in one of many cars at high speeds in future tracks. Multi-player is very fun especcialy if you have four players. The music is brilliant on this game and never gets repetetive or boring so are the SFX. You can create your own car and load your F-Zero GX data in a F-Zero AX arcade machine to unlock new things. The controls are really nice and easy so all ages can play but the races can get pretty hard. The style of racing is really cool and pretty unique.

Overall i would rate this game about 92% because i love...


Alas, another game that sucked...

The good:

NOTHING AT ALL!!!! I would say you get to drive at 2000mph, but, sadly, it's imposibble to reach that spedd...darn game....

The bad:



First of all, we all (or shood) know that inside the instruction booklet, or the back cover, it says "ride at 200 mph!". Tch, yeah right! No matter how hard I tried, I could never reach 2000mph! It's just a lie. So, stop trying... Another bad thing is that when I started the first "episode" of story mode, it so friggin' hard! I mean, I cacth up, then he just speeds away! And am I the only one who can figure out how to save story mode? I come to play it the next time, and it says I'm still on the first "episode". And besides, the game is just plain stupid=/

(P.S. I would've game the game a s...

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