Future Tactics: The Uprising (PS2) Cheats

Future Tactics: The Uprising cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Custom option
Get a 100% hit head shot status two times in a row to unlock the "Custom" option at the battle mode team setup menu.
Defeat Leader option
Have all team members complete an episode with 100% health to unlock the "Defeat Leader" option at the battle mode objectives menu.
Humans and Creatures option
Have a character on your team get their weapon fully upgraded in single player mode to unlock the "Humans and Creatures" option at the battle mode team types menu. Alternately, have no characters on your team miss during an entire level in single player mode.
Level select option
Successfully complete the game two times to unlock the level select option.
If your attacked by a Sentrik (the guy that has eyeballs for a head) don't shoot it. Instead, run up to it and kick it. It will be dead by the 2nd or 3rd time.
Team Power option
Get two head shots in a row to unlock the "Team Power" option at the battle mode menu.
The Boat level
When you have to get the boat downstream, kill off the two Sintrek, the Grenadak, and the other monster. Do not worry if one of your characters dies; just take out the monsters. When this is done, destroy the two stones in the river, then the bridge (completely obliterate it), then do the same for the water mill. Then, destroy the dock. Do not be in the boat when you do this. After the dock is destroyed, jump into the boat, release the controller, and an intermission sequence will start.
The Stranger level
Do not worry if one of your characters dies; they will come back to life after you finish the episode. However, to make sure you have a nearly 100% chance of winning, get on top of the roofs when no monster is there. Once this is done, you can snipe away at your enemies. After you shoot, go all the way back to the mountain that touches the roof, but do not go down. Shield, because the monsters will shoot your building. If you are all the way back, you will not get hurt. Do not worry -- the building cannot crash and you will be fine doing this.


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Level skip
At the game selection screen in story mode, press L1, Square, R1(2), R2, Square, L1, R1, R2.

Big heads
While playing a game, press Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Up(2), Left.

Low gravity
While playing a game, press Up(6), Down, Right, Up.

Disco mode
While playing a game, press L1, Left, L1, Left, R1, Right, R1, Right.