Fur Fighters (DC) Cheats

Fur Fighters cheats, Tips, and Codes for DC.

Older Cheats:

Fur Fighters Cheats

Thin Characters
Complete the Maze in Temple of Gloom to make characters extra thin.

High Scores
Collect all 100 tokens on any level. Re-enter the level, get the large stopwatch, and race to the finish. It you make it in time, you will enter your name on the high-score board.

Beat each boss the first time to get minigames:

Boss Mini-game
Claude Balloon Lift
Esmerelda Bear Attack
Gwynth Block Puzzle
Juanita Snake Classic
Viggo Bomber Bear
Winnie and Mai Super Snake

Unlock special cheats
If you beat the bosses again, you unlock some hidden cheats.

Boss Unlocked Cheat
Claude Ammo Boost: As you collect new weapons, they will be fully stocked with ammo.
Esmerelda 3D Mode
Gwynth Auto Aim
Juanita Health to 100%
Viggo Invincibility
Winnie and Mai Bears 2X Tough

Mini-Game Cheats

Puzzle Goal Unlocked Cheat
Block Puzzle 60 seconds or less Rotation Cam: Plug in a second controller and hit the Y button on the second controller and the camera will rotate around the character.
Snake Classic 5,000 points Rocket Cam: As you fire a rocket the camera will sit on top of the rocket as it flys through the air.
Balloon Lift 10,000 points shrink your character.
Bear Attack 10,000 points alter the voice in the game.
Super Snake 10,000 points distort like a fish-eye lens
Bomber Bear 30,000 points Unlocks Big Head mode. (most characters with giant heads)


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Boss Bonuses
Defeat the indicated Boss a second time to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Claude- Ammo Boost
Esmerelda- 3D Mode
Gwynth- Auto Aim
Juanita- Health to 100%
Viggo- Invincibility
Winnie and Mai- Bears 2x Tough
High Scores
Collect all 100 tokens in any level. Re-enter the level and collect the large stopwatch, then race to the finish. If you are quick enough, you will be allowed to make an entry on the high score screen.
Mini Games
Defeat the indicated Boss to unlock the corresponding mini-game:

Claude- Balloon Lift
Esmerelda- Bear Attack
Gwynth- Block Puzzle
Juanita- Snake Classic
Viggo- Bomber Bear
Winnie- and Mai Super Snake
Thin Mode
Successfully complete the Maze in Temple of Gloom to get very thin characters.