Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir Cheats

Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Before Bald (Sewers Chapter 2)
In the sewers, before the fight with Bald, fight all other opponents in the screen before it and make sure you have a good rage attack worked up. Go in to fight Bald and wait until he has a few of his henchmen then unleash the rage. not only will this take out most of the enemies and get you more experience, but it will also do sufficient damage to Bald.
Defeating Octopus Golem in Siam-Sid
The easiest way to beat it is to stay as close to the outside of the arena. Have Ed transmute a sword for himself just so you can do better combo attacks (square 3 times, triangle after etc.). When it sends out the other golems to fight, just beat them-it won't attack while you're fighting them. When it sinks into a "crouching" position, move between any pair of 3 eyes (dodging the beams). When it jumps up and you see the shadows of the tentacles, stay between them and attack them with your sword while they're on the ground-just let Al do the fighting up close.
easy EXP
Equip a silly hammer and go to the octopus golem in siam sid. The hammer won't damage it badly, but after you get 10 hits you can rack up a huge total of combo strikes and the attacks grow stronger with each shot. I racked up a good 1000 EXP just by beating the living crap out of it with the silly hammer.

To get a little more EXP, get Al equiped with one too.
Easy Experience
In Chapter 5 at Bord'wan, in certain areas there will be a never ending supply of the floating golems. Some are worth 10 experience points and others worth 80 experience points. This is a good time to train because there is a save point nearby.
Fasthold gloves
While battling scar run around until he destroys all of the crates. In one of the crates there is a treasure chest containing fasthold gloves.
With the Fasthold gloves you won\'t drop your weapon when you are knocked you down.
Remove The Dialogue Box
When the characters are talking and there is a dialogue box, hold L3 and it will disappear, allowing you to only hear the character's voices.

Easter eggs

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In certain chapters of the game, you can find cats for Alphones that have special abilities.

In Chapter 2, you will go after Bald A.K.A. the 'eye-patch' guy. Once you are in the first area of the sewers, to the far left will be a trash can. Behind it will be the first cat. If you walk by it, it will change so that its AL who is by it and you're by an '
Authorized personnel only' door.

In another chapter, Right before you find Havoc, there will be a house. After you here the gun shots from the door, go out fron (Not near the save spot) and there will be a yellow kitty behind a box or trashcan.

When your in the chapter were you go to the cave that Ed, Al and Winry used to play in, somewhere around it or inside it, there will be another kitty.

Those are the only ones i can remember, so keep your eyes peeled!


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Have Mustang, Armtrong, or Hawkeye as a companion
At the second to last chapter, Ed, Al, and the others will be entering Siam sid's castle thing. There will be three portals opening up. Roy will take the northern one, Hawkeye will take the western one, and armstrong will take the eastern one. Follow the person who would back you up the most. (In my opinion, you should pick an alchemist like Armstrong or Mustang).