Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox) Cheats

Full Spectrum Warrior cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Easy M203 Kills
If you are having trouble killing a enemy around a corner, and you are too far away to throw a frag, select the M203 and add the grenade shot at the enmy's feet of as close aas you can get it. It will suceed about 97% of the time. The best area to practice this is at the beginning of Mission 10.
saving when in need
If you are ever in need of a save point because you have come too far just save your replay. Then if you die go to extra content and play your replay. Fast forward to your part and when it gets there press start and jump into your replay. This saves a whole lot of time.


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Army Mode, Authentic Setting and Big Head Mode!
Army Mode: ha2p1py9tur5tle
Authenitc Setting: swedisharmy
Bighead: nickwest
Concept Movie
To unlock concpt movie you must complete the game.
Unlimited Ammo
Go to extra content, then cheat codes and enter