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Full Pipe FAQ/Walkthrough

by KKZSD2000   Updated to v1.0 on
+ Welcome to Full Pipe! +

Due to the lack of hints and broken english in the walkthrough on the Steam
website, I decided to write my own. Allthough the original one got you through
floors 1-6 There were some parts of it that just didn't make since or rambled
on or joked about something. Like: "Don't try to eat it: microbes are too
high-calorie food and you won't have an ability to wash an apple" While that
was quite hurmous, it realy didn't matter and seemed kinda out of place. I
realy like this game. Allthough the way the characters act or react sometimes
makes no since. I found it quite entertaining for the most part. And I love the
hand drawn animations. I'd like to say this is a game for all ages...but then
again there is a chance it might frighten some small children.

I'm gonna quit rambling...for now and just go on to the walkthrough.


+ The characters +

This is a small list of all of the characters (the ones you interact with)
For a more complete list and the bios for each one, please visit:

I'm just including this so you know what I'm talking about.

2nd floor:

Weird Wacko
Small fries
Hand Thirty For (I assume it's 34)

3rd floor:

Big Mumsy
The First Guard

1st floor:

Danglings 1-4
Polly the Janitress

4th floor:

The Watchman

5th floor:

The Second Guard

6th floor:

The Fourth Guard
The Fifth Guard
The Sixth Guard
The Eleventh Hand of Dark-Burrow-Dweller

Secret floor???

Old Pioneer
Janitor Brothers
Molly the Janitress

7th floor:

No one.

8th floor:

The Third Guard
The Seventh Foot of Dark-Burrow-Dweller
The First Shooter
The Second Shooter

9th floor:

The Cactus
The Pompier

Last floor:



+ Index +

Use this index by copy and pasting the tags into your search bar and clicking
search. These are like levels in the game, so I sectioned them as such.

2f - Second floor
3f - Thrid floor
1f - First floor
4f - Fourth floor
5f - Fifth floor
6f - Sixth floor
sf - Secret floor
7f - Seventh floor
8f - Eighth floor
9f - Ninth floor
ind  - Index


The main character is Dude, he is not from Full Pipe. He is an ordinary man,
like the rest of us. Starting out, you can see how he found the Full Pipe
world. It happened by pure accident. You start out looking for a lost
flip-flop and find a manhole under your bed. You decide to take a look and
this is where your adventure begins.


+ Second floor +

You start out on the second floor, Eggcracker is on your left, nothing we can
do with him for now so proceed up the ladder to find Guv-the-Drawer and next to
him you will see and extra drawer, pick it up and head down the ladder. Here in
this room you will come across Egggulper. And next to the pipe on the left will
be a box with a domino in it. Pick it up then keep moving to the next room.
This room is filled with what looks like a rube goldberg machine and if you
look to your left by the pipe you just came out of. Next to the wall will be a
shoe for you to pick up. Keep walking past the see-saw, here between the
see-saw and ladder will be a hole in the wall, go ahead and reach in to find
an apple. Keep moving and go on to the next room. The creature you see next to
you is Weird Wacko. Give him the drawer you found in exchange for his glasses
then walk back (or use your map to navagate) to Guv-the-Drawer. Drop the apple,
shoe, and glasses into his belly and he will give you the items back in egg
form. Go down the ladder and give these three eggs to Egggulper. He will give
you a silver coin in exchange. Now, head all the way to the left and through
the pipe next to Eggcracker and down into the last floor. Give the domino to
Bentman (the one with the silver cup) and he will drop his hammer. Take it,
go back to the room with the big jar and go all the way to the right of the
room, next to the pipe leading to Weird Wacko you will find a coin slot.
Shove the coin Egggulper gave you into the slot to start your first minigame.
The object of the game is to get the Small fries into the big jar.
To do this, climb the ladder, click the see-saw, and catapult the Small
fries into the jar. And don't  worry if the time runs out, you can allways
use your hammer on the slot to get the coin back and try again. Do this
three times and Hand Thirty For will grab the jar, leaving the hole in
the floor open for you to jump in. But first, use the hammer on the coin
slot to get the silver coin back. You will need it later.

Now drop down into the hole and begin exploring the third floor.

+ Third floor +

Look to your left, you will see that Big Mumsy is blocking your way. Go back to
the ladder and look for a lever, pull it, and your second mini game will begin.
This is a simple one, you will be playing catch with Big Mumsy, the key is to
get her close enough to the elevator while she catches four balls in her pouch.
The droped ones will be picked up by a Beaver. And don't worry, you will be
able to play this again, just pull the lever again to start the game. After
your through, check out the two white patches on the wall. They look breakable,
take out your hammer and use it on them. Next take a look at the round port
with all of the strange writing around it. Looks like something could go inside
it. Now move on to the next room. Here you will see (from left to right) The
First Guard, Molester, and Hare-the-Nooksiter. First pull on The First Guard's
chain to change the "+" sign above his head into a "-" sign. Then move on to
the left. Here you will see Tummy-Trampie And above him is a tunnel leading
up. Not much we can do right now. So go back and visit Egggulper. Give him
back the silver coin to get the egg with the glasses in it. If you don't
receve it the first time, repeat the prosess untill you do. Now go left into
the room with Eggcracker, give him the egg, then give the glasses back to
Weird Wacko. Go back to Hare-the-Nooksiter and trade the drawer for a crank.
Go right and put the crank into the hole we examined earler. Give the crank
three turns and go back to Tummy-Trampie. He is asleep now and you can now
bounce on his belly to reach the ladder. This one is realy hard to get down
and has almost a knack to it. The key is to click when he is allmost touching
down. Takes some time but I know, it's frustrating.

The ladder will take Dude to the first floor.

+ First floor +

Start walking to the right and explore, here you will see (from left to right)
Ballspiter, Danglings 1-4, and Ballgulper. This is annother mini game which you
can actavate by pulling on Ballspiter's tail. As you can see, your supposed to
get the balloon into Ballgulper's mouth. The only thing is Danglings 1-4 are
blocking the path. The key is to pull down the Danglings and time the path just
right so that the balloon can pass safely through without getting poped. After
you have succusfully put three balloons into Ballgulper he will float away,
leaving you to go explore the tube behind him. In here you will find a pot. Go
left and into the next room. Here you will see Elephantine. She has a shoe on
her nose, which you can trade for the pot you found. (the noise she makes when
she has the pot suspiciously sounds like a bong) Your done here so leave this
room and go right beyond Ballgulper. And before you leave this room. Look at
the wall. There is a loose piece of stucko. Break it open with your trusty
hammer to receve a silver coin. Now go on to the next room. In this room is
Inflater. You will need some of his gum. But he is a little protective, so
your gonna have to steal it while he is not looking. Put your cusor over the
pile of gum and wait untill the hand turns green and then make your move. Next,
make your way to the right and into the next room. Here is Swingie, looks like
he blew out his pair of shoes. You can go get him annother pair. But you have
only one shoe in your inventory remember where the other one is? Go back to
Egggulper and trade your coin for the other shoe. Again if you don't receve it
the first time, repeat the prosess untill you do. Go to Eggcracker and get the
egg open Give the shoes to Swingie and he will abandon his swing. On the other
side is a pipe leading down. Wonder where it goes? Swing untill you've reached
maximum speed and height. Then using the swings momentum, bail out and into the
pipe. Oops! Looks like this leads down to our old friend Weird Wacko. Pull the
lever on the wall and the pipe opens up. The only thing is he won't let it stay
open. Go back where you came from and give Swingie a piece of gum. He will give
you the plunger that sits atop his head in exchange. Now you can either fall
down or use the map either way, get to Weird Wacko and give him the plunger
in exchange for his glasses. It is obvious now, he can't see if the hatch is
closed or open now so he won't do anything. Pull the lever, go back up, and
fall back into the pipe just as before.

You will fall right into the fourth floor.

+ Fourth floor +

Pull the lever on the wall and see what happens. The bridge doesn't want to
stay unrolled. You can solve that easly. Just toss your last piece of gum to
The Watchman. He will chew it up then spit out. Pick it up and use it on the
lever. It is  now firmily stuck to the floor. Walk across and into the tunnel
on the other side. In this room is Granny. Seems like she doesn't want you to
pass. Headbutt back the balls she throws at you to push her gradually back
into a hole in the floor. There is also a loose piece of stucko on the wall
that you can break to get annother coin.

Now go through the hole Granny fell into to reach the fifth floor.

+ Fifth floor +

First things first. Pull on The The Second Guard's chain. Then pull off a shoe
from the stuck Granny's foot. Make your way to the right then down the ladder.
In this room is Bootlegger and a hand demanding something. Give him your coin
and he will let you pass. In this room, you will see Lads swinging from a 
ferris wheel like contraption. Next to the first ladder, you will see annother
domino. Pick it up, go on and climb the two ladders. Grab the sponge or cube
hanging from the string then track back a bit to Granny and down the ladder to 
get to the last floor (or you can use your map) Give Bentman the domino for the
glass bottle. Then head over to Bootlegger, put the glass bottle on the stand
underneath the tap, give him the sponge or cube thingy as a payment and he will
churn out a blue liquid. Give this to Bentman and take his silver mug. Now go
back up to the fourth floor where the bridge you unroled is. Take note that
when you unroled the bridge you stoped the machine below. Next to where you
went out, there is annother lever. Prop it up with your hammer and the machine
below you will start up again. Go back down to the place just above Bootlegger.
You will see Lads pulling a lever to get water but there is no cup....yet.
Take out your silver mug and put it on the stand. The lads will be drinking
from the mug. Try to take a drink after one of the Lads has finished filling
the mug and see what happens. Now try it on the girl (Girlie) She has a very
opposite reaction to what you'd think. (kinda strange if you ask me) She will
be unable to go back to her chair because of it. Take your mug back then go
back to the bottom of the wheel look for a bluish tint on the boards, step
there and wait for the empty chair to pass by. Dude will automaticly get on
it. On the other side of the room will be three pipes.

Choose the third one and go on to the secret floor.

+ Secret floor +

In this room, you will see the bottom half of Giraffe and Janitor Brothers.
Examine the slot in the wall. Looks like a lever should go there. Keep climbing
the ladder. In this room you see Old Pioneer. Go ahead and take a sock from
him. There is a lever here. But you can't reach it. Keep climbing. To your
right is the lever you need for downstairs and a stool to reach it with. Go
ahead and use the ladder on the lever to try to get it.  No luck. Use the stool
you have on the lever downstairs. When you pull on it, a bag drops on your
head. Do this three times and Granny will steal your stool from under you.
Take the broom from underneath Old Pioneer. Go downstairs and give the broom
to the Janitor Brothers. In doing so, the one beneath will give you a coin and
leave. Put this into the coin slot above and go all the way up. You will notice
the hatch has opened reveling Giraffe's face. Also, the lever is now reachable.
Pick it up, go all the way down, put it into the slot and pull it. Now go all
the way up again. Notice the other hatch is now open and Giraphine shows her
face. Also the box on the ladder has opened reveling four zeros. The clue to
the code is all around you but the date code is in Europe dates. Not American.
IE: insted of 02/14 which is Valentines day, it's 14/02. Type it in and see
what happens. Now go all the way down, take back the broom and go through the
recently unblocked hole in the floor and drop down. Take a look at the left
side of the screen, you will see a board, pick it up. Go down the ladder to
the left. Inside you see a series of valves. Close the middle valve and head
down into the pit. At the bottom, pick up a shovel and a pot. Then go back up
and back into the room with the valves. Now the valves you may have noticed
have dots on them the dots should be in a certan order to bring the water to
half. The order is allways random, so you might have to play around abit.
Now go back down, put your plank in the water, use your shovel on the plank
your standing on and row to the other side. Here in this room is Driver and
Molly the Janitress. There is also a game of shuffleboard you need to play
to get the valve Driver is holding. Just make sure all of the disks are in
the same area and lit blue. After winning, pick up the valve and go back
to your raft. The thing is, the raft is now to far away. Head back inside
and trade Molly the Janitress your broom for her mop. Go back and use the
mop to get your raft back. Paddle back, up the ladder, and into the room
with the valves. There is a hatch that will accommodate the valve you
just won.

Open it, and move on the the seventh floor.

+ Seventh floor +

You will come across alot of doors in this hallway.
Keep moving and drop down in the hole in the floor to the eighth floor.

+ Eighth floor +

Here you will see Ass_1. Run across the treadmill and try to avoid the balls
that are being projected by The First and Second Shooter once you get across,
Ass_1 will stick out blocking the other tunnel. (what an anti-climax) Go back
where you started and go through the tunnel on the left. In here will be The
Seventh Foot of Dark-Burrow-Dweller. Looks like this foot is missing a couple
of pots. Use the mop to tickle the foot soo you can get at it. Then put the pot
you have in your inventory on his toe. Now go back to Elephantine and trade the 
shoe you have for the pot, go back the the foot and put the pot on the the toe.
Now that the foot is gone, you can move on to the next room. In here will see
The Third Guard. Pull his chain to change the plus sign again. Now go down into
the hole. In this room is The Cactus and The Pompier. Looks like there is
annother port for a crank on the wall. Don't worry, just go back up to the third
floor, push the blue button on the wall and get your crank. Come back down and
head into the tunnel on the right. Here will see a series of pipes, put your
silver mug on the stand under the tap and pull the lever. Now take your mug of
water and dump it into the hole in the floor. Put your crank into the port in
the wall. You will see The Cactus rising through the hole. It's too late now,
but you sit on the hole before he rises. Go get some more water and turn the
crank to reset. The Cactus will take you all the way up to a room on the 7th
floor. In this room is annother shoe. Pick it up. Explore around abit. There
is some loose stucko if you want to go get your hammer, you can. You need it
anyways. Step on the see-saw to see what happens. Granny will go plummeting
down knocking you right into the closed hatch door. You need to open that
hatch. In the middle is a valve but it is too high to reach without something,
but since Granny took your stool, you need something else. Go back down, get
the crank, go to Hare-the-Nooksiter, and trade back the crank for the drawer.
Go back and try it now. Still to high up. You need the stool to reach higher.
Go back to the fifth floor using the elevator and go into the tunnel on the
left. Give Granny the shoe you found for the stool she is sitting on. And
now you can finaly go back and open the hatch. Remove the drawer, put the
stool in it's place, then put the drawer on top if it. You can reach the
valve now. Turn it, then step back on the see-saw to wait for Granny. Only
now she doesn't come down. What happened? Drop buy Granny's place to see 
what's wrong. Turns out, she can't reach the tunnel that leads down. Go
grab the drawer and the stool and give the stool to Granny. Now go back
to the see-saw and get ready for your ride to the sixth floor. Here you
will see Blowpauncher. Enter the tunnel to the right. In this room is
Tailpiper. Beside him is a pair of sissors and across the room is a rusty
pipe. Pick them up and go back to The Pompier and trade the rusty pipe for
his rubber hose. Get to the elevator and go back to the sixth floor. Go
all the way left and use your hammer (if you haven't all ready) on the coin
slot. A coin will fall out. Connect the rubber hose to the faucet, insert
the coin into the machine and stand back. Get your sissors out and cut the
hose. Pick up the rug and go left. Give the rug to Tailpiper and walk
inside his mouth. Keep walking left and into the next pipe. Now walk
around in here abit, pick up the coin that drops and enjoy the ending
cut scene.

Congratulations! You beat Full Pipe!


Final notes and possible updates:

There are some animation sequences and funny stuff you can do in the game.
I only know a few so here they are:

Try puting the stool on top of the drawer.
Try giving stuff other than the gum to The Watchman.
Try all of the elevators in the Seventh floor.

I don't know anymore but if you email me, I can compile a update.

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chrisyroid [AT] gmail [DOT] com
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This walkthrough was released under GameFAQS and Demonoid. Copywrite 2009.
Created by Sinfull Dreamer (AKA KKZSD2000)

Special thanks to:
Howye "Mr. Kennedy" for writing the orignal walkthrough and inspiring me to
make a new one.