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Everyone who's been through the Pipe describes it in a differnt way. Some say it's similar to our world, while others say it's quite the opposite... Rather than trying to describe the game, lets take a look at just a few of the characters you will meet on your journey through the pipe under your bed... Guv-the-Drawer puts into his drawer any item that can fit it and after throws away big green egg with this item inside.. Doesn't like domino as it has bad influence on digestion. Basically he is a quite nice fellow. Egggulper gulps eggs. He is greedy but it's possible to come to an agreement with him. Weird Wacko is the sanest one among all the characters on the Second Floor but he suffers from a spirit of contradiction and an initial form of the Internet dependence (as we got to know afterwards)... Small fries. No one knows how abundant they are. Small fries like retro music of the early 20th and they do no other harm. Hand Thirty For. No one knows whose hand it is. When the jar overflows with Shrimps, it pulls them out upwards. All of them! Tennes. He appears suddenly and disappears at once. Looks like a tennis-ball yet having all vitally important organs. Almost all of them.

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  • Publisher: 1C
  • Developer: Pipe Studio
  • Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure (PC)
Release Dates
  • North America: Dec 18, 2006
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