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My wanzers
In my opinion there are 2 main types of wanzers - with melee (almost) and with range weapons. In the Emma`s story line i had such squad:
Kazuki - Lanze body, Wude 3 arms, Lenghe 1 legs. Fist&Shotgun (later - Hoshun Mk112 all, Fist&Beam).
Marcus - Lanze body, Wude 3 arms, Lenghe 1 legs. 2 Fists.
Emma - Whisk body, Shuwang 1 - left arm, Wude 3 - right arm, Genie legs. Mashine gun&Missile (of course, in the lefy arm =)).
Ryogo - Same as Emma.
Primary attacks did Kazuki&Marcus, they had good Anti-class, accuracy and evasion. Emma&Ryogo hit everyine with missels, later - with mashineguns. They had 40% Anti-class, good accuracy and evasion too. With such team I won a round with 5 big wanzers in no time.


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Acquire Yun earlier in Emma storyline
To acquire Yun before you reach DHZ, destroy the Cadenza in the Australia mission. After destroying it, Kazuki checks out the trailer loaded with scientists. One will tell where MIDAS was supposed to be shipped and the other will give you the Leonora Ent. web address. Then you will go to Sumatra and defend Hatta's Wanzer squad. After all enemies are defeated you will talk to him and go to Singapore to meet the greatest spender (hacker) of all, MoneyMaker (Yun Lai Fa).
Attack without being attacked
It is possible to attack some Wanzers, depending on how they are equipped. You can safely attack any Wanzer that is equipped with only a missile launcher or a melee weapon by attacking with a single square from the enemy Wanzer. Since the missile launcher cannot attack a target within the first three squares from the Wanzer it is equipped on, and a melee weapon can only target one square away, you can attack with any ranged weapon without being counter-attacked. In the very few and rare cases where an enemy soldier has a rocket/missile launcher, the soldier does not have this limitation.
Backup Wanzer
If you capture an enemy Wanzer at the end of a battle, keep it. This way, if you lose a Wanzer in your next battle, you have a spare Wanzer to replace it. Besides, you do not have to replace any destroyed parts on a captured Wanzer; they are automatically repaired for you. Just make sure that you add some weapons to it, because your only attack on a captured Wanzer is the HADRBLOW, which is the weakest.
Best Wanzer
When you are in Japan during the coup, visit the Australian spender's page. Select "Garbagepit", use the Inferno Dial and type 555(XKR)224. Talk to the mysterious person and he will give you a Hoshun Mk112 and a Heavy Pulse Gun. Go and immediately upgrade the Hoshun Mk112. Once this is done, put on the Heavy Pulse Gun and a Fatil Buster. If you are not able to get the Fatil Buster at this time, you will get it soon. You can either put a backpack on the Hoshun Mk112 or you can put on a power pack. The backpack is preferred because of the distance. Do not put a shoulder weapon there, because it will just make your weight go down. The Heavy Pulse Gun has the range of 1 and its attack power is a lot better. Most Wanzers will lose their arm if you hit it. Always use the Wanzer itself -- every thing is over 1000 hp.
Capture a Wanzer 4
Have all of your Wanzers with a melee so it will only attack one part of the Wanzer. Repeatedly press Down and you will hit the Wanzer in the legs or the arms 45% of the time. Always try to keep from hitting it in the body -- all you need to do is destry both arms. You can either shoot the Wanzer when its checks morale or you can surround it. It is better to surround to avoid accidentally destroying it.
Capturing enemy Wanzers
Although you cannot choose where you will hit your enemy, capturing an enemy Wanzer can be easy. If you manage to destroy both arms on an enemy Wanzer, he/she will usually lose morale and the word "surrender" will appear on the screen before it switches back to the battle map. If this happens, leave the disabled Wanzer alone as he/she can no longer attack. If the body HP for the Wanzer is above 150 when both arms are destroyed, the pilot will not (usually) lose morale, and it will be necessary to attack him/her again. This will not work if the Wanzer in question is a main character (a character from the manual, or a previously encountered character) as you have to destroy the Wanzer.
Capturing enemy Wanzers
If the enemy has surrendered but has not ejected, try attacking one more time. The only problem with this is most of the time their HP is so low you cannot attack again without destroying them. Use the following steps to avoid this. Eject from the Wanzer and use your sidearm pistol on the enemy. Since your pistol does not do a lot of damage, you can attack until they eject and you can claim their Wanzer. Note: Do not do this if there are a lot of enemies near by since your pilot cannot withstand a lot of damage.
Capturing enemy Wanzers
To capture an enemy Wanzer, make him surrender. Any Wanzers that surrendered before the stage is cleared will become yours. You can tell if a Wanzer has surrendered by looking at its color. If it is gray, and has a white flag on top of it, it has surrendered. This does not work, however, for tanks, jeeps, etc., as you can not store them.
Combat strategies
Take advantage of high terrain. Kill all pilots that have ejected and steal their Wanzer. Always try to bring items. Your Wanzer will last longer. At the battles with big Wanzers, yse all Shotgun except for one Neutron gun. Try to hijack the big Wanzers. Maximum hitpoints are not always the best (except for Hoshun Mk112). Shield are sometimes superior.
Easy simulated money
Get on the network after you have won a battle and go to the simulator. Choose who you want to fight. If you win, you will get free money (as much as $700). If you lose it does not matter because it is not real.
Fighting helicopters
Helicopters are big, but you have a greater chance of hitting them with a machinegun or shotgun than any other ranged weapon. Missiles, however, can usually hit a helicopter if it is almost out of missile range.
Grenade launcher
A grenade launcher does not strike one square; it strikes several, depending on which type you have. Make sure "friendly" units are at least two squares from the damage area to prevent a "friendly fire" situation.
The Hoshun can carry two Desotos. Missiles will only have a 54% chance of hitting it or equip a Desoto with the Heavy Pulse Rifle. If you have the Pulse Rifle equipped, your pilot learns Body Smash and AP use equals 0.
Increase special attack chance
When the game shows the small battle sequence when you choose to attack an enemy, press Left, X, Right, X, Left, X and keep repeating the pattern at a medium pace as it begins. This increases the chance for your character to do a special attack (for example, Rofup, AP-30%, Tackle, etc.). It usually works best for Ryogo.
Inferno Dial entries
Hoshun Mk112: 555XKR224
Barilar Farm: 123A56BC
Unsolved: 1TAXHELL
When a character gets a password for a site, write it down. You eventually want to poke around where you do not belong, and having the passwords written down (possibly broken down by country) will make it easier.
While playing on Emma's story, when you reach the part where Jose is getting attacked and you have to help him, successfully do the mission without him getting killed. He will join your side instead of Li, who usually joins later when you have to stop him from getting killed by the RRF.
Keep Battle Skills
Successfully complete Emma's or Alisa's story line. Save the game after the credits have completed. Load the saved game at the title screen to play either story line again with all previously learned Battle Skills.
Kill ejected enemy pilots easier
Attack an ejected pilot with a machine gun, shotgun or flamethrower. Although rifles, missiles, and melee weapons do much more damage, you will often miss completely because only one shot is fired. However, a machinegun and shotgun will fire multiple times, and the flamethrowers can attack a target at least four times.
Klamsky Family Data (RNL)
There is a page on the RNL website about the Klamsky Family. Then password is "KLAMSKY".
Learning Battle Skills
Use the following a trick to help learn Battle Skills without having to worry about losing a battle. Between missions, go to the network then to the simulator. Once there you can participate in fake battles but gain real skills and experience. You can also earn money for winning.
Machine gun
All machine guns only fire 10 rounds at a time. Remember this before you attack a strong opponent if your Wanzer is weak or almost dead.
MIDAS controller
On the Intrepid website, you can try to download the MIDAS controller, but you will get a download error. The password is "ALICIANA".
More battle skill activation percentage
When you are about to hit the enemy Wanzer, quickly press L1 + R1, Square, L1 + R1, Square, L1 + R1, Square, and keep alternating those buttons.
New game +
Beat the final battle then save your game. When you load the data you will start a new game with each pilot retaining the skills and moves they learned.
Restart a battle
Save the game as soon as you start a battle. If you lose, you can reload the save from the beginning of the fight and try a different strategy. This also prevents you from losing a Wanzer that you want to keep.
Secret Wanzer
When you are in Japan during the coup, visit the Australian spender's page. Select Garbagepit, use the Inferno Dial and type 555(XKR)224. Talk to the mysterious person and he will give you a Hoshun Mk112 and a heavy Pulse Gun for free.
Secret wanzer
when your in japan during the coup visit the australian speder's page and select garbagepit and you will see an inferno dial select it and dial 555xkr224 talk to the mysterious man and he will give you a hoshun Mk112 and a pulse rifle for free and get it by selecting the stock parts its hp is 1000
Some tips
-In any game don't switch peoples weapon types. Having a main type gives you a great advantage.
-Towards the end of Emma's story most people use shotguns. Counter this with Anti-I.
-Check out mail and such regularily.
-Don't ever encrypt your mail. I havewe yet to see it do any good.
Split point
The "split point" in the game is so close to the start that gamers could play the same story and never know what they did wrong. It occurs when you finish the Wanzer testing. Royogo will ask you if you want to deliver Construction Wanzers with him. If you go with him you will get Emma's story. If you do not go with him you will get Alisa's story.
Wanzer creation
When you have the maximum upgrade available you can compose a great Wanzer with the following parts:

Body: Whisk (can be bought)
Arms: Shunwang 1 (cannot be bought)
Substitute: Kyokei Mk108 (can be bought)
Leg: Lenghe 1 (cannot be bought)
Substitute: Kasei M2 (can be bought)
The substitute parts are not as good as the originals. This Wanzer is weak against Melee and Missile (unless set to F or I). It is able to carry one maximum weapon, one maximum shield, and one backpack (If arms are substitute then maximum backpack can be carried). It also has maximum Mobility, maximum Evade, and maximum Armor, and Accuracy is high.
Wanzer setup
As soon as you can buy parts and weapons, the following Victor Wanzer setup is effective against everything. Have Kasel M2 arms, Zenislev body, Enyo legs, and a backpack that adds energy. Equip a missile launcher on one arm and another weapon on the other. You can use better arms just as long as weight is the same. You can overpower everything with missiles before it becomes a threat. If you stay in a square formation then you can counterattack your oncoming enemies with more damage, and not use a lot of AP.
Wanzer setup
Once you have at least four wanzers in your party, you should set up the four wanzers differently so that at least one will have an advantage, regardless of the battle. You should have at least one of the following weapons in each battle:

Machine gun
Missile or grenade launcher

Also make sure that all the Wanzers have a melee weapon equipped, if possible -- the Hardblow attack is almost as weak as an ejected pilot's pistol.
Have your team made up of four Wanzers with Zensilev bodies, Kasel right arm and legs and a Yongsai left arm. Put a rifle in the left arm, a shield in the right, and an energy pack on the back. Then, circulate the Hoshun once you get it so everyone learns Body Smash. Equip a comp with Activation Up- High. Just remember to bump up Accuracy and Evasive to the maximum, but leave Defense alone -- it is a waste of AP.