Front Mission 4 review
Front Mission 4

The good:

Good gameplay, interesting story and decent voiceovers.

The bad:

Average graphics and nothing overly great about this game.


Front Mission 4 is like it says the forth of a long running strategic turn based role playing series. It brings some good things to the table that make it interesting, like...

First we have the story. Which starts us off with two main characters. One is Darril, a sergeant in the U.C.S Army 332 Company. Darril and his buddies Renges and Chaeffer are pretty much slackers in their work but when they witness something big, their role suddenly changes. The other main character is Elsa a former pilot of the French Army but was Transferred to the E.C.'s Armored Tactics Research Corps. Elsa and her team of Zead, Hermes and Latona are suddenly put into a tight situation as things esculate to the brink of war.

During gameplay and scenes you switch back and forth between characters which is very interesting in seeing the way the story developes. The story is good with many plot twists and has a good flow to it.

Gameplay is where this game truely shines. It is turn based stragey involving large mechs. Customizing your mechs is one of the most interesting parts of this game as you can customize anything from it's weapons to the Mech's color. If your familiar with Mechwarrior games you'll like this. Battles also involve a good ammount of strategy. The AI is not very tough but if you go in unprepared you will find yourself completely outclassed.

Voice overs are another addition to the series that worked well. The voices and accents were done very well from Russian to French they really brought to life the characters of this game. However you only hear them talk on major scenes which sort of disappointed me as to not see it all the time.

This game is very solid, I can't give it a great score because it is not a revolutionary game but it does many things well. Graphics are not great but what it lacks in graphics it makes up in gameplay and depth. You will enjoy this game and it's difficulty if you decide to pick it up.

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