Frogger: The Great Quest review
Rent before you buy

The good:

Decent graphics. Ok plot. With a walkthrough guide to get through the difficult parts it basically enjoyable. If you want a *real* challenge in 'puzzles' and coordination, this would be it.

The bad:

Choppy camera movements. Freezes up. Can't save during a level. Needs hints.


This game acts like a beta. It has frozen up on us multiple times and since you can't save during a level you have to start that level all over.

It was disappointing finding that collecting coins and gems has no impact on the game's outcome. I have collected magical stones, but can't seem to find uses for them.

Frequently you can't see where you are because the camera swings to the other side of what you are next to. Some jumps are almost impossible; I spent an inordiant amount of time trying to jump back onto things.

During training it tells you to use the left analog stick to look around, but it doesn't tell you that you acutally have to press down once on the left analog stick, then look around with the right analog stick.

Figuring out what to do is very difficult on many levels. If it weren't for walkthroughs posted on the web I would still be stuck at slick willy's. Being able to 'buy' hints with the coins and gems would have been a nice twist.

There is a glitch. I think it is in level 3, it is the level just after slick willey's river boat. If you go to the large gate and jump up the rocks and over the gate the world is inversed - sort of. We found that you do not need to go there, though you can collect anything there you didn't collect before, but it is very hard to get around and there is no way back from what we can find. One person got out, but that was apparently because she opened the door to the mayors office before she jumped over the gate and so when she got the clover in the 'other' world it automatically brought her to the next level without her giving it to the sick fairy. It is certainly worth a run around though.

All in all, it could have been a great game given more work and thought. As it is I wouldn't recommend it, but I've seen worse games. If you are thinking about buying it, I would recommend renting it first.

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