Frogger: The Great Quest review
Found the Princess!!

The good:

I really like thinking games and this one made me think to get through all the levels. I loved getting to the next level to see all the great graphics. There were 2 places I needed help, getting out of my room in Dr. Starkenstein's Castle, and finding that darn key on level 4. Other than that it was fun playing!

The bad:

I didn't like the fact that were weren't any hints at all for some very difficult places. The camera view was difficult when you lose your sight trying to fight a bad guy.


My kids loved to watch me play this game, they were excited when I won. I love to think, but that darn key in level 4 was too hard to find. I thought when they said it was "up high" somplace that I should be looking in the mountains or something. I didn't like the fact that collecting all the coins and gems were really useless, I thought they should help you through a level or something. I also thought it was hard being a mom and all not being able to save when you had spent a lot of time in a level but had to quit. Some of the humor I didn't really get either like the riddle you bring back to Fairy Town and the knowledge you get from the tree. These could have been more exciting and at least given an answer for the riddle. Overall, very fun play doesn't take weeks to win and great story!!

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