Friday the 13th (NES) Cheats

Friday the 13th cheats, Tips, and Codes for NES.


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Getting the Torch
One can obtain torches for all counselors by lighting most of the fireplaces and searching the lake cabins. The torch should appear in the room before the room with the exit.

Another way to obtain the torch is to find an axe in the woods on day 1, and use it to defeat Jason's mother in the room that results in a weapon ugrade.

Alternatively, one can use a rather unusual strategy that always results in a torch near the beginning of the game if executed correctly. In order for this method to work, one must start the game with a counselor in the cabin in the upper left corner on the inner circle path around the lake.

Start with this counselor and immediately kneel and kill 3 or 4 zombies to get the lighter. Jump to take the lighter and a knife should appear. Take the knife and head left to the large cabin and enter it. Go up, then right, and read the message that says "GO INTO THE WOODS." Exit the cabin by pressing right, up, up. Then turn left and take the downward path into the woods. Jump a bit to the left to obtain another knife and the key, then jump to the right to get some medicine. Continue to the right until you see the first upward path. Press up twice, and you will be standing in front of a door. DO NOT ENTER THE CABIN! Press down to return to the woods, then press up again. THis time you may enter the door by pressing up. Turn right in the cabin to get the note that says "fire will damage Jason the most". Then exit by going right, up, up. Once in the woods again go to the right, take the first down, then to the right again, and then down to exit. Back on the lake trail go right and enter the first large cabin. Press up, left, left and you should see a torch on your screen.

There is little room for leeway with this method. One can pause the strategy to enter a small cabin and switch counselors to fight Jason if he is attacking. However, one must pick up the lighter, knife, key, and both messages in order for the trick to work. The second message will not be in the cabin in the woods if you enter the door the first time.
Navigating The Cave
Jason's mother appears in three separate rooms in the cave, although once you have beaten her for the day she will not appear in the other rooms. The reward for Defeating Jason's mother on day 1 is different depending on which room you are in.

One can reach the first room by entering the cave, going left, and taking the first upward path (get the flashlight to see all the hidden pathways). This is the weapon upgrade room, which only yields weapons if you defeat Jason's mother here. If you use rocks or a knife, you will be rewarded with a machete. Using a machete results in an axe. Use of an axe allows one to pick up the torch. Unfortunately using the torch only offers the counselor an axe.

The other two rooms always yeild an axe and a machete, and one can return to the cave to take these weapons after defeating Mrs Voorhees in room one.

To the room with an axe: Enter the cave and head right. Take the first upward path. Then head left, and go into the first up path.

To the room with a machete: enter the cave and head right. Take the first down path. Then head right and take the first up.

To exit the cave, simply retrace your steps. The cave's layout is not nearly as complicated as the forest