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Frequency is better


To those of you that have no idea what this game is like or how it works let me explain:
Your in control of what looks like a little ship (it's not a ship but that's the best way to descibe it) going along a road (it's not a road but that's the best way to descibe it), on the road is a song laid out in 8 different lanes, each lane controls a certain aspect of a song ie, vocals, guitars, bass enz. Using 3 buttons on the controller you must hit the beats at the right time. After completing the chain in one lane you press left/right and complete the chain in the next lane. Which will result in the resemblence of a song. You get points for chaining lanes together, the more you get without missing a beat the higher your multiplier gets.

What lets this game down though are the songs. There are some well known songs in it like David Bowie. But most of them have never been heard of.
Also after completing one difficulty you unlock the next difficulty which contains all the same songs again with just one extra song.
Another complaint would be the lay out, Frequency has the excellent 'tunnel' layout but in Amplitude they've opted for a straight road which hinders the visibility of the lanes to the side.

All in all though Amplitude is still a great game, it might not have songs that you know but it still has the addictive gameplay and the cool feeling when you complete a song.

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