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Freespace Review

The good:

Great storyline, lots of ships, lots of weapons, excellent level editor, good graphics, good A.I.


Apart from simply being an excellent space flight sim, the storyline in this game just blew me away. You assume the role of Terran fighter pilot pitted against a race you've been at war against for the longest time, the Vasudans. And while in the middle of this fray you jump into, a new, unkown enemy appears and the force of it is so devastating that the Terrans and Vasudans have no choice but to agree on a temporary cease-fire as you deal with this powerful new enemy, the Shivans. Througout the game as the storyline develops, there is an overall feeling of suspense and anxiety. I thought t...


The Best Space Sim Out There

The good:

The graphics are stunning. The video clips are very real and add to the mystery and suspense.

The bad:

There are no secret weapons or ships. You can't accept missions if you use cheats in it.


This is a great game! Basically, you fly around in space and blow up other people who are bad guys. It is very fun to play and I have even written my own walkthrough (at GameFAQs). There are many different ships and weapons to choose from and over 50 different types of ships. Many different medals you can receive and a ranking system are also included. There is also five different difficulty settings that you can use to challenge yourself for a long time. And best of all, you can play multiplayer over the internet with PXO to prove that you really are the best pilot in the world, even...

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