Freedom Fighters review
Controlling my own little army was a barrel full of fun!

The good:

Best graphics ever on PS2.[br]Great command and control system.[br]Amazing ragdoll phsyics.[br]Interlinking missions (good and bad)[br]Great voice acting

The bad:

Loading times[br]few weapons[br]Mulitiplayer not good[br]Unrelable difficulty


It has changed names 3 times, but this is not a sign of a bad game. In fact, it is one of the best games to come our way in a LONG time![br][br]Using a brilliantly simple command and control system, you can send your fearless troops into battle. And they will fight to the death. The graphics make this an emotional experience, when you see your men get mown down by machine gun fire, and you see the bullets rip through their bodies, and their screams of agony. You feel the rage build up. But you must take control. A hind gun copter overlooks the dead bodies, and so, you can't get at em! In any other game, you're screwed. Not in Freedom Fighters. Simply go to the helipad and blow it up, therefore the heli can't take off, you see? And so you go and help your men, send them forward, while you go round the back and blow up a powerstation. Stunning.[br][br]The bad points are that this game now. The difficulties are far too far apart, the difference between easy and the recommended setting is staggering. You can happliy walk into machine gun fire on easy, but on the recommended one you better find another way, this can be frustrating, but often rewarding . The multiplayer mode is really terrible, which shows as it was added in the last minute. 4 player mode in mulitiplayer is worthed, maybe even 3, but 2 player is really rather boring.[br][br]In short, this game is great, and I highly suggest a purchase.

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