Freedom Force Cheats

Cheat Commands
Locate the INIT.PY file in your Freedom Force/System directory. Open up the file in Notepad. It will appear as a blank file with no text. Add the following lines of text and then save the file:

import ff

This will allow you to access the debug mode in the game and enter the cheats.

Load up the game as normal and go into the "Database" screen when you're at your base. Hit the "~" key and the debug window will pop-up. Type in the following at the command line alter your game:

Add CP

At the debug screen, type:


The superhero's name should be in lowercase with underscores separating a multi-word name ('minute_man', 'the_ant')
Add Prestige

At the debug screen, type:


The number you enter will be the amount of Prestige points you'll acquire, so Campaign_AddPrestige(10000) will give you 10,000 Prestige points.

All Powers

At the debug screen, type:


This will enable all special abilities and powers for the current team