Freedom: First Resistance Cheats

Freedom: First Resistance cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Freedom: First Resistance Cheats

Game Cheats To use these cheats, you must first enable the console mode. This differs slightly from the usual routine because you have to have at least loaded the game once in order for the game files to be created. Access the game folder and locate "Freedom.cfg" and "Action.cfg".

Using a text editor like notepad or wordpad, open Freedom.cfg and add "showmissions true" to the bottom of the file. Open Action.cfg and add "bind tilde console" to the bottom of the file. Save and close both files.

Now when you load the game and start a level, you will be able to call up the console using the ~ (tilde) key. From there, enter any of the following codes:

Toggleaidisable and freeze the AI in current state.
Toggledoorsreverse the state of all doors (Open doors will become locked and vice versa)
ToggledamageToggle damage mode in the game. When damage is disabled, no characters will receive any damage
Toggledetectiontoggle the AI detection mode. When AI detection is off, the enemy characters will not be able to detect you.
Badguysarelousyshots.01Reduce enemy aim accuracy.
Gimme [ITEM NAME]Spawn an item (use the items name list below)

Item Names
Use the following item names with the "Gimme [ITEM NAME]" code:

Item NameDescription
ToolkitOnly usable for Leo
RifleOnly usable by humans.
Rifle ammo10 rounds
Catteni pistol
Catteni pistol ammo15 rounds
Allergen grenadesOnly effective against catteni
Catteni BlasterLarge rifle, only usable by Zared
Catteni Blaster Ammo10 rounds