Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove FAQ/Walkthrough v1.02
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Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove FAQ/Walkthrough

by SONE551   Updated to v1.02 on
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  /\ \  / /   |  00|  /00
 /\ \ \/ /    \____  /_ |
 - \ \ \/                -               
  \ \  /    /\________   )__              
   \  /      \_____/    /  _|
   /\/        \___/    /\  _|
   |/          \__|   /\ \__|
   (                 /_)  
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Freddi Fish 5 : The Case of The Creature of Coral Cove
Walkthrough by SONE551
Copyright 2013

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Use the abbreviations(in the brackets) of different sections provided.

Table of Contents
Introduction -------- [INT]
General Info -------- [GIN]
Characters ---------- [CHR]
Map ----------------- [MAP]
Key Items ----------- [KEY]
Walkthrough --------- [WTH]
 Beginning ---------- [WHA]
 1ST PART ----------- [WHB]
 2ND PART ----------- [WHC]
 3RD PART ----------- [WHD]
 4TH PART ----------- [WHE]
 5TH PART ----------- [WHF]
Minigames ----------- [MGE]
Contact Information - [CNT]
Credits ------------- [CTS]
Version History ----- [VER]
Allowed Hosters ----- [HOS]

I enjoyed playing this game. I created the guide to help other players in 
beating the game. If you follow the walkthrough, you will finish this game 
quickly. I have also noticed that there may be different versions of the game,
with different characters, different key items used in the game. However, I   
have only written one version. I will update the walkthrough again if I have  
completed the game again. I hope you enjoy the guide! Read on! 

[GIN]==General Info==
This is a walkthrough for the game called Freddi Fish 5: The Case of The      
Creature of Coral Cove. (PC) This is an adventure game where you have to click
around your computer screen to interact with characters, move to different    
places, and pick up key items to advance into the game plot.

Al B. Core - Trading card salesman. For this guy, cards is a must have!

Clyde - Owns the barber shop, will be seen giving the Mayor a makeover
in the First Adventure.

Dadfish - The angry guy whose house roof got pulled off by Freddy in the game,
if you get him a better house, maybe he will help you.

Donna - Claw Machine repairfish. Count on her if you want something repaired.
And also, when she has her screwdriver too...

Earl - Map Specialist that knows about maps.

Freddi - Main Character of the game. Control him throughout the adventure.
He likes to help others and solve mysteries. One curious fish.

Gillian Barker - The first time you see her, you will notice that she looks 
like Gill Barker, the shark which sells wheel nuts for purple sea urchins.
When you talk to her, you will notice that her resemblance to him is because
she is Gill Barker's twin sister!

Kasey - Analyses food samples. Science is probably his favourite.

Kipper - In charge of the Taffy Shop. By the way, you can have free taffies 
at her shop.

Kit - Creates ships and fits them into bottles

Laren - Has a One-fish-jug-band outside the Taffy Shop. Freddi and Luther
loves the jug melodies.

Luther - Freddi's best friend. Will join you and Freddi throughout your 

Marge - Sergeant who is on a mission, but is unable to read her map.

Marty Sardini - The developer of Coral Cove park. He is the main antagonist
of the game.

Mayor - Seems to show little interest about the monster terrorising the 

Nick - In charge of the Nick's Knacks store

Officer Beverly - The officer standing at the entrance of the Coral Cove Park.

Rollo - If you need jokes, this is the guy you should come looking for.
However he is not a very happy clown.

There are 2 maps - Inside the park and ouside the park
(I may not have seem to know every location's exact name, so I have labeled
some of the places by the name of the fish found on that place.)
NOTE : For more space, I have made abbreviations for the following:
Gillian Barker - GB
Claw Machine - CM

            Geysers     Marge 
                 \      /
                  \    /
                   \  /
                    Tree(Inside the gear is where Kasey is)
       Card-trading stand --- Rollo
      Mayor Office             |
        |                      |
Kit --- GB --- PE --- Decoration ---  Barber Shop --- Taffy Shop - CM --- Earl
Start --- Screen
Inside the Coral Cove Park

       Broken Jug  Waterfall
          \       /
           \     /
            \   /
 Tetra Cave Jawfish Cave
      \       /
       \     /
        \   /
 PE --- Start --- Raymond Fitzpatrick

[KEY]==Key Items==
- Bolt
There is a bolt in the mouth of the clam outside the Nick's Knacks store.

- Bottle
Kit needs a bottle big enough to fit his ship inside. When it comes to making
tunes, it is better to have a jug than a bottle, according to Laren.

- Bracelet with Screwdriver
Dropped on the edge of the Jawfish Cave, but you would not want to be the
jawfish's lunch.

- Candle
Probably needs to be placed in a candlestick holder.

- Code
You need this to open the lock in Shipwreck Raymond Fitzpatrick.

- Combination
You need this to get the deed.

- Finpic (Number 15)
Clyde needs the Finpic to finish the Mayor's makeover. Yes, specifically, 
the Number 15 one.

- Glow Necklace
It is not just one ordinary necklace, it glows in the dark!

- Glue
You would need this to fix something together. This time, probably broken jug

- Joke
Get this from Rollo. By the way, it is not free!

- Jug
You probably did not know that a jug could be a musical instrument until you
have talked to Laren.

- Keys to Barber Shop
Without it, you cannot enter Clyde's barber shops. There could be other ways,
but not in the game.

- Keys to Tetra Cave
You need this to get into the cave.

- Map
Marge's map. This would come in handy...

- Orange Safety Cone
They could be used for a house too...

- Precision Mission - Finder Compass
Marge the Sarge( That was what she introduced herself as) needs this compass
to read her map to start her Secret Mission.

- Permission Slip
You need this signed by the mayor for Officer Beverly to grant you.. what-is
mentioned-in-the-name, permission!

- Planktos
Hopefully you could give it to someone...

- Pliers
Needed to fix Kasey's microscope.

- Purple Sea Urchins 
Explore around the place to find these. These are very important as Gillian
Barker does not just sell glue for free!

- Rubber Ducky
A dogfish sure loves a rubber ducky.

- Sea Cheese
Green in colour and has huge bite marks of a monster.
Once you enter the Coral Cove Park, that will be the first thing you see.
And it smells horrible

- To- Do- List
Marty Sardini's to-do-list found inside Tetra Cave.

- Weights
Those are really heavy things.

- Yackety Capacitator
When you want to find this, Marge is the one you have to look for!


The game starts with Freddi Fish and Luther outside Grandma Grouper's house. 
He knocks the door and Grandma Grouper opens the door. Freddi and Luther 
tells her that they are on their way to Coral Cove Park. They leave for the 
park. You can now start the game.Click near the right arrow. 
You will see a screen. You will also see a crowd at the corner.Click near 
the up arrow. You will see Marty Sardini telling the fish about the plan to 
drive a mysterious monster out of the Coral Cove Park. He explains to you that
the monster is scaring the citizens away from the park.Freddi offers to help
and need to get into Coral Cove Park to search for clues.

You are outside the Coral Cove Park entrance. When you click to enter 
the Coral Cove Park, you are stopped by Officer Beverly and tells you that you
need a permission slip signed by the Mayor in order to enter the park. She 
gives you the permission slip. Turn right. You see some decorations there and
enter the mayor's office.Clyde tells you that he left his Number 15 finpic at 
his barber shop and needs it to finish the Mayor's makeover before you can 
talk to him. He will give you his keys to open the barber shop. Head to the 
barber shop which is right past where the decorations are. Use the keys
(Select the triangle one) to open the door. Enter inside the shop and take the
Number 15 fin pic. Give it to Clyde and he finishes the makeover. You can now
talk to the Mayor. Give him the permission slip and he will sign it. 

On the left of the mayor's office is Nick's Knacks. Nick is trapped under the
sign and is in need of the bolt to help him. Go see Kit,
and click on the pliers. Kit tells you that he uses the pliers to take the 
big ship apart and needs a bigger bottle to fit the ship. Go to the Taffy 
shop. You will see Laren blowing jugs. In between the jugs though, is a bottle
which Kit needs. Talk to him and he tells you that he needs another jug for 
you to take the bottle. Go to the claw machine
and click on the claw in the machine. Donna will tell you that she dropped it
into a jawfish cave when she saw the monster in the Coral Cove Park. Go back 
to the decoration place and click the up arrow. Go to the geyser

Take the purple sea urchin at the side of the tree root and take the path on 
the left. You will notice another purple sea urchin on the geysers. Take
it but you should have good timing. You can only go to the next geyser 
if it is on the same level as the geyser/ground you are on. Go back to the 
tree and go inside the big gear on the side. Talk to Kasey and he tells you 
he is in need of pliers. Leave that place and click on the northeast part of 
your screen to meet Marge. Click on the Yackety Capacitator and Marge explains
that she is using the map for a mission but is unable to find the north 
direction of the map. She would need a Precision mission finder compass found 
in a safe in the Shipwreck Raymond Fitzpatrick. She will give you the Yackety
Capacitator too and informs you that she will communicate with you by 
Morse Code. Give the purple sea urchin to Gillian Barker to get the Planktos.

Enter Coral Cove Park and take the Sea Cheese and go to Raymond 
Fitzpatrick. You will notice that Marty was hiding, mentioning that Freddi and
Luther are ruining his grand plan. Click on the broken window. On the first 
try, you are unable to get inside. On your second try, Luther will get in.
Then you have to unlock the door for Freddi to enter. Inside the shipwreck,
click on the wheel. Luther will try to open the door but is unable to do so.

Click on the southwest part of your game screen to go down the water. You will
see a lock with the Precision Mission Finder Compass.But you cant open it once
you know the combination. You will see a Machine on your right, with 3 colours
on it - Yellow, Blue and Red. Go up to higher room to see the colours on the
extreme left. Change the colours of the machine to be exactly the same of the
ones you saw there. Then you can open the wheel. Click on it and the door will
open, letting Freddin inside the shipwreck. Go down and drag your Yackety
Capacitator to the lock and transmit the message to Marge through Morse Code.

Look at the three letters on the top of the lock. Use the red buttons to
type out the code representing the letters. Instantly, you will get back a
message with different codes. Refer to the screen of the Yackety Capacitator
and put the code to open the lock. The lock opens and take the Precision 
Mission Finder Compass and give it to Marge. She swims away, leaving the map
behind. Take the map.Go to the jawfish cave area and 
notice that there are 3 stones(Don't really know what they call it). Put
the Planktos onto the first stone(on the right). You notice that the jawfish
follow where the Planktos are? Click on the middle one then on to the left
one, this would leave the jawfish out of the cave. 

Take the bracelet with the
screwdriver. Go to the 'waterfall' area and take the purple sea urchin. Go
to the mudskipper area. There is a purple sea urchin there. You can only go
to the piles of water after the mudskipper is not in any of the puddles.
But do not stay there too long!The tide would come in and push you back to
the start if you stay there too long. After you take the purple sea urchin,
you will be washed back anyway.

Go back to the Claw Machine. Donna should be there. Give the bracelet to her.
She will have the machine fixed. But you need one purple sea urchin to play.
Read the earlier parts of the walkthrough if you do not have one with you at 
that moment. Play The Claw and then Freddi would get a Glow Necklace. After
that, the machine crashes again, so you are unable to play again. Go give the
Sea Cheese to Kasey to have it analysed. However, his microscope is 
not working, so he cannot verify what it is. Give the map to Earl and head to
Rollo's place. Click on one of the jokes(Pun, riddle or Knock Knock). Rollo
will tell a joke. Give 3 purple sea urchins to him. According to Rollo, if
the joke does not completely satisfy you, you can trade the joke for another.

Once he throws 3 of the purple sea urchins into the pockets, he will give
you a joke on a piece of paper. Now go outside Nick's Knacks store and drag
the Joke to the clam. If the joke does not make the clam laugh, trade the
joke for a different one.(For example, if you used a Pun joke, trade it for
a Knock knock or a riddle.) Once the joke makes the clam laugh, there will be
a bolt in its mouth. Freddi will snatch it out of its mouth. Put the bolt
on the rope on the left. The sign will be lifted up and you are allowed to
enter his store. Enter his store and take the glue. Go back to the Broken
Jug area, and click on the jug pieces. Fix them together onto the blue bottle.

Give the jug to Laren and you can take the bottle. Give the bottle to Kit and
in return you will get his pliers. Go see Kasey and drag the pliers to his
microscope to have it fixed. Give the sea cheese to Kasey and he will
analyse it for you. Kasey tells you that it is usually found in Tetra Cave
and is eaten by a Sea Monster. Kasey will give a key which has a trace of 
the substance too. It is the key to Tetra Cave. Put the key into the keylock.
The huge door would be opened. Enter inside but it will be very,very dark.
Use your Glow Necklace to light up the place. Then you can look around the 
cave for clues. On the extreme right, there is a piece of paper. Click on it.

Freddi reads the paper. It seems like it is a To-Do-List! The third step
mentioned on the paper talks about the deepest crevice of the ocean. In order
to find out who is responsible, you have to go there. Go back to Earl and 
drag the To-Do-List to him. Earl tells you that the Map(Marge's) does tell you
where the deepest crevice of the ocean is. He tells you that it is at
Swerkwood's Hole. 
There will be a cutscene where Marty gets the townsfish to
drive the sea monster away. When they agree, Marty is seen rubbing his fins
together in an evil manner.

Freddi and Luther swims down to the deepest crevice. When Luther turns around,
he sees a huge eyeball staring at him and screams. He points at the monster 
to Freddi. The monster notices Freddi and tells him that that place is his new
home because an evil developer(Marty) drove him out of his old home, Coral 
Cove Park. Before he could explain anymore, they are stopped by Marty and the
other fishes. When Freddi talks about Marty's evil deed, Marty is seen anxious
and runs away in fear. The monster lifts up a platform and says the deed was
under there and was STOLEN. Go outside Marty's House and take the rubber duck.

Give the duck to the dogfish outside his house. Freddi throws it to the side
and the dogfish follows. Notice that there is also a weight. Take it.
Click on the northeast part of the screen. Click on the door on the side too.
You are unable to get in. Go back to outside Marty's house. Click on his door
and Freddi and Luther will try to get to the door, but instead fall into a
pitfall. There is another weight there. Pick it up. Click on the door on the
right too. You can see Marty over the other room. He hides the deed behind    
his picture frame, saying that he has hidden the combination in his fake      
book. The lock on top of the door is preventing you from going through.       

There is a tiny window where you can escape through. You will go outside      
and see a counter balance which is connected to Marty's trap room. Place      
the triangular shaped weight into the counterbalance first, followed by the   
medium then the large one. Go into the trap again and push the door. Take the 
green jug on the table. Click on the northeast part of your screen to go up.  
Take the candle on the star. Go down again.If the bookshelf is not facing
you, read the words in the brackets below.                                    
(Go through the door and take the window out of the house. And go to the
door where the dogfish is and go down. The bookshelf is facing you then.)

Click on the bookshelf. Luther will shake the bookshelf, causing the fake book
to fall out. Freddi opens the book. The combination shows how to open the 
frame with the deed inside : Put the candle on the mentioned candlestick holder
of the star, put the pot on the triangle shape of the table, set the chandelier
light to <colour>. Change the numbers of machine hidden inside the purple 
statue of Marty to ---. Follow what the list says and use the key to open the 
lock of the purple statue. The top part opens and press the numbers '---'(I 
have replaced the 3 numbers with hyphens because the numbers in my game may be 
different with yours and the candlestick holder and colour of chandelier 
light.) The frame will open. Freddi takes the deed but are caught by Marty.   
They are followed by the townsfish and the mayor,who arrests Marty for theft.
They go back to the stand and everyone shouts 'Hooray' for Freddi and Luther  
have captured the theft. The monster apologizes to everyone for scaring them  
and thanks Freddi and Luther.

Mess Hall Mania -
In order to play this game, head to Marge's place!
You will be playing against Luther. He loves playing the game!
You are supposed to hide his school of fish while he hides yours. You will 
take turns to find your fish and feed them. Whoever who feeds all of their
fishes wins the game. You can play this game as many times as you want.

[CNT]==Contact Information==
If you want to contact me, you can send me a PM(Private Message) on GAMEFAQs.
Please only contact with me if you have questions about the game or want to
request permission to use part of the guide. Also please do inform me if you
have found this guide on a website other than and Neoseeker
because it is NOT supposed to be there. 

Credits to Wikipedia for information about the game. 
This FAQ/guide is copyright of SONE551, 2013.

[VER]==Version History==
24/10/13 ------- Version 1.00
26/10/13 ------- Version 1.01
25/11/13 ------- Version 1.02